Advice To Help You Win Child Custody From David Turlington

Winning child custody normally revolves around proving you are a better parent. This is not something that is easy to do. Most parents have no idea what the “better parent” standard is. If you do not know what the court is looking for, how can you make a good case? Fortunately, child custody professionals like David Turlington can easily help you in North Carolina or any other place, with advice like the following.

Winning Child Custody Cases

Parents trying to win child custody cases need to first become as familiar as possible with the current family laws that apply. The idea is to prepare so you can show that you are a better parent. The main role of the court is to consider the best interests that the child has. This is not always sole custody.

Better Parent

Most parents are mainly interested in obtaining sole custody. That is because they think the other parent is not fit to raise the child. In other cases we see sole custody because of other reasons. No matter the case, parents that hope to get sole child custody need to understand that in this scenario, a lot more proof needs to be shown.

For sole custody to be awarded, courts have to see one parent as being the better one. This is quite difficult to do when both parents were involved in the life of the child. There are also many judges that are reluctant to give sole custody since it is usually a lot better for the child to have both parents in their lives.

Proving You Are A Better Parent

In order to have the sole custody petition successful, the focus needs to be put on the following:

Physical Well-Being – For instance, the focus can be put on sleeping habits, routine, eating schedule or after-school activities. Most judges do notice what parents encourage healthier lifestyles.

Psychological Well-Being – For instance, guaranteeing that children have access to liberal visitations with other parents. Most judges will favor the parents that openly support an ongoing relationship with other parents.

Joint Custody

Child custody is not always going to be awarded to just one parent. It is possible that the courts decide that there is no better parent so joint custody is the conclusion. All parents need to recognize that joint custody rulings are not losses. In so many cases the situation simply better suits the child’s best interests. Also, joint custody does allow parents to have equal responsibilities.

Agreeing On Parenting Plans

Family law is complicated but child custody is normally all about the best interests of a child. If no better parent is chosen by the court, parents have to work together for the purpose of determining parenting schedules. In places like North Carolina, it is possible that there are extra requirements, like written plans. However, if there is no family law requirement, having intentions put down on paper makes it easier to create schedules that are good for all parties involved.