4 Ways To Entertain Your Kids On A Budget This Summer

School summer vacation is a long time, and kids get bored so easily it’s difficult to come up with interesting things for them to do, especially if you have to work at the same time. Even if they are going to camp, there is still a lot of time to fill when they get back, or before they go. Although there will inevitably be days when they will need to entertain themselves with a book, coloring, playing in the yard, or watching movies, it’s important to spend time with the children as well. So that this time doesn’t become too expensive, here are some great budget ideas for the summer vacation that everyone will love.

Visit The Library

Whether you are a regular visitor to your local library or you’ve never been there before, it can work perfectly when it comes to the summer vacation from school. Books are obviously the main point of interest, and if your children (and yourself) are avid readers, then this is a free way of keeping them occupied for many hours at a time.

However, libraries are no longer just about books. You can hire movies and CDs, you can use the internet, and there are very often activity groups happening there. Go to your local library and ask about what is happening over the summer and you’ll soon have a long list of things you and the kids (or just the kids, perhaps) can do that won’t break the bank.

See A Show

Heading off to see a musical or a play is a lovely way to spend some time during the summer vacation, and you can even make a day of it if you factor in somewhere great to eat and perhaps an activity to do beforehand. However, shows can be expensive, and so it pays to book in advance and shop around to get the best deals. Ticket Sales offers you the chance to book ahead and check out what’s on so that you can find something suitable for everyone to enjoy.

Board Games

Board games have always been popular, and kids love them. They’re fun and engaging, you can learn new skills such as math and negotiation (Monopoly is great for that, for example), and you get to spend some fun bonding times with your children too. There are so many games to choose from, and you probably own a few of them already, meaning it’s a cheap means of keeping your kids entertained. If you want to buy more, check out your local charity store or go to a garage sale to pick up some bargains and save yourself a lot of money in the process.

Have A Picnic

The simplest pleasures are the ones that your children will remember for many years to come, and taking them out to the local park for a picnic is one of those pleasures. You can get them involved from the start as they can help to choose and prepare the food. Pack it all up, bring some games with you (board games as mentioned above, or a ball to kick around are great), and pick a lovely spot to enjoy some time together.