Which Industries Are Most Likely to Grow?

Choosing a career path is not always an easy decision. It is important to consider your personal skills and qualities, but also which industries and career paths are most likely to lead to a long, stable, and prosperous career. The news is full of advances in artificial intelligence and automation, and that can give the impression that they are the big areas slated for growth in coming years. In reality, however, there are several other industries that have been expanding rapidly in recent years and are also predicted to continue growing.

For people considering which industry to choose for their career, here is a run-down of the industries that are most likely to experience job growth in the coming years.

Big Data and Analytics

Knowledge is power, and we have more data available to us now than ever before in history, and it has the potential to change the way we live and work. Analytics and so-called ‘big data’ specialists can collate, analyze, and interpret data to help businesses and governments to adapt their strategies and policies to provide improved services and gain a competitive advantage.


There will always be a need for healthcare in society, even with the advancements in technology and extensive research into more effective medical treatments. The population is aging, which means the job outlook for health-related industries will continue to intensify in the coming years.


With the expansion and increasing complexity of IT and the internet comes increased risk. Cybersecurity is essential to the safety and security of not just our personal data but also that of businesses, organizations, and governments. The potential cost of a cybersecurity breach is severe, and the need for IT analysts, architects, testers, and security professionals is only going to increase.

Renewable Energy

Due to our dependence on fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas, the climate crisis is a problem that the whole world needs to address. A big part of that is the continued development, improvement, and increased use of renewable energy. From solar panels and wind turbines for industrial power to renewable heating systems, our industry, businesses, and homes will rely on cleaner sources of energy, making it a lucrative sector to be part of.


You may not be familiar with the term ‘biohacking’, but you have probably come into contact with the concept already. Essentially, biohacking is trying to realize the potential of our bodies and minds. From maximizing our physical capabilities and discovering the healthiest diet to unlocking the full potential of our brains, the biohacking industry is diverse and likely to become more prosperous.

Drones and Technology

We have heard of drones delivering all our packages in the future, but there are many more potential practical applications for drones. They can get to places that humans simply cannot reach, and they work longer hours without the need for breaks, so the attraction of drones is easy to see. Aerial vehicles that do not require manual human intervention could be used in agriculture, transportation, construction, telecommunications, and even the movie industry. People who are skilled in the design, construction, programming, maintenance, and repair of drones will therefore be in high demand.