Some of the Benefits to Using Sage EDI For Your Business

Are you running a large business with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and are looking to integrate it with Sage? You may have heard much about Sage EDI but you would like more information and to know the benefits of introducing it into your company. If that is the case then take a moment to look at what Sage Edi is and how it can contribute to the success of your business.

What is Sage EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange integration with Sage allows for automation and exchange of business documents between companies in an electronic format. It replaces traditional paper forms and email exchanges of documents by integrating your accounts software. By doing this it speeds up the ordering process and also reduces the margin for any errors or mistakes that could happen when doing things manually.

EDI has been adapted by a wide range of large companies, some of your well known supermarkets and other national brands, they use EDI as part of their terms of trading and when they deal with their suppliers they require that they too are EDI compliant. EDI is not restricted to retail businesses either, it can be adapted by various companies in the industry sectors, from high tech, automotive and financial companies. Many suppliers to the larger companies are smaller in comparison and they would use a sage account, this is why it is beneficial to your company to have a secure and reliable solution such as Sage EDI.

Benefits of Integrating Sage EDI

There are a number of benefits to your business by integrating Sage with EDI, one of the first to consider is a substantial reduction in costs. This is due to the fact that by using electronic data there is no more need for storing papers, filing and postage. It also means that your company will run more efficiently so shipping charges and return costs for incorrect orders will be eliminated. It will also speed up business process and reduces transaction errors, these errors are usually made when data has to be re-keyed into another system but all data is contained on the same software. Your company will experience shortened delivery time with goods and lead times are also shortened with product delivery and enhancements. Accounts integration also helps on a strategic level because it offers real-time analysis of transactions and it can help corporate responsibility by reding your carbon footprint. Most importantly it can bring companies together and allow them to work more closely together.

There are several different integrated EDI solutions that offer various features depending on what system you are running. The best thing is to do some research some of the more popular EDI applications and see which one is best suited to the way you want to take your business. There is no doubt that integrating Sage with Edi will help with the expansion and growth of your business, saving money and ultimately making things far more easier for yourself and your employees.