Nenadi Usman – Why Women are The Future of Politics

I was recently reading the fascinating story of Nenadi Usman, the female Senator to Kaduna South in Nigeria, who has forged a career in politics against all of the odds. What is most amazing about this woman is not only that she managed to breach the male-domain of politics in Nigeria, but also that she has since used her position to fight tirelessly for the empowerment of women in her home nation.

What is greatly inspiring is that there are many more stories around the world of women just like Nenadi, who are breaking down barriers and changing the face of politics. For too many years the world of government and politics has been a boys club, but the future looks like it will be changing drastically, and here is why I think that women are the future of politics.


The reason why women’s rights have come so far is that many women became fed up of the suppression which they faced, and the social injustices that existed. Whilst strides have been made, there is still much more to do. The result of this is that now women have the strongest voice that they ever had, there are millions of women around the world who are ready to work hard to use that voice to make real change. Equality is closer than ever before and the women who feel the suppression of history, are ready to jump the final hurdle, and making change from inside politics.


Whilst in man countries it is still not easy, it has ever been easier for women to find a pathway into politics. What this means is that women such as Nenadi Usman have been able to gain a political position and use their voices to inspire young girls around the world. The next generation of young women will have grown up surrounded by strong and inspirational females, which will spur them on to doing the same thing.


A great many women around the world feel that their voice is not sufficiently represented by men in power. The result of this opinion is that political parties want to show that they do accurately represent the people who they lead, and so they are pushing to include more women into their ranks. Whilst this notion of creating a political party may not be the best way of doing so, in terms of having quotas for females or minorities etc. it will serve to get more women into powerful positions where they can speak about the things which are close to them, and ultimately make real change.


Finally, I believe that more women care bout government than ever before, the marches have played there part in the advancement of women’s rights, and now is the time to make real change, from the positions of influence which government offers. With more women out there who care about politics, we will see more strong women picking up the political mantle.