Coolest New Technology for Education That Every Teacher and Student Must Try

The impact of technology in today’s world is immense. It has penetrated every walk of life and has given us so much to make our lives easier. In the field of education, technology has been a real game changer. It has brought forth tons of useful tools that have changed the way the entire education system was accustomed to function over the years. Here are some of the coolest tools that have revolutionised the field of education and students and teacher must give these a try.

ATOM Express Toys

According to the makers, “ATOMS are a system of plug-n-play sensors, motors and logic blocks for kids and adults to make things that do amazing things.” These toys are built to improve motor functions and engineering skills. Children can learn to build toys of their choice and this encourages creativity. It keeps boredom, irritation and naughtiness at bay as children engage in positive and extremely engaging activities. This is a perfect choice for a kindergarten classroom to teach kids to build and coordinate better. This is also excellent for older kids as it keeps them productively busy as well improves their skills. It’s a smart toy which aims to build smarter kids.


Canvas learning management system is an all-inclusive cloud based software package for e-learning and course management. It helps instructors design courses, manage syllabus and plan classes in such a manner that it which will be the most effective system to impart education. Even rescheduling is super easy since whenever the instructor chooses to make any changes, students will be immediately notified via their phones which eliminates any chances of lack of communication. The necessary dates and times can be bookmarked into the calendar which ensures that one doesn’t have to take the extra struggle to memorise unnecessary details.

Iris Scan Book 2

This extremely useful technology can solve the biggest problems that libraries face. Using this small scanner, a student can scan pages of a book and save them for the future to read when he or she wants to. This eliminates the need for borrowing a book, thereby ensuring that every student can access every book whenever needed.

Live scribe 2GB Echo Smart pen

The biggest complaint that most students have when it comes to classroom education is that they often miss out on important class lectures by lagging, while taking notes. This smartpen not only helps you take down notes, but it also records everything that the professor says in class. These class notes can be transferred to a computer and be replayed as and when needed. Students can also cutomise the pen using educational apps. This eliminates any chance of missing out on lectures. It comes with an inbuilt memory of 2GB which is perfect even for recording the longer classes and double periods without running out of space.


This is an incredibly nifty e-Learning tool which offers excellent services such as lecture recording, video streaming, screen casting and even offers a video content management software. Lectures are directly recorded in the system which can be reviewed by students later at their ease. This tool has been a huge hit in the Stanford University 斯坦福大学 as it eliminates the chances of students missing out on parts of class lectures due to taking notes. This technology can also be used to facilitate distance education so that the best quality of education can reach pupils who don’t have access or the means to receive it otherwise.

Technology has indeed changed the face of education as we know it.