Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist for 2020

Summer is the ideal time to work on home maintenance. The days are longer, and you don’t have to work with a bulky winter coat on. There are also critical tasks that should be completed before the summer season starts to ensure your safety.

You can be confident your home is ready for the warm weather by working through the items on this checklist.

HVAC Inspection

Extreme heat can cause hyperthermia, which can lead to death. One of the most effective ways to prevent heat-related health emergencies is to maintain your air conditioning unit. HVAC experts, such as those who provide AC repair in Dallas and Fort Worth AC repair, can inspect your system to ensure it’s running correctly. Certified HVAC technicians can perform routine maintenance, such as cleaning your ducts and replacing filters.

Schedule routine maintenance to reduce the chances of an HVAC repair emergency during the hot summer months. With routine maintenance, your HVAC system will also be more efficient. This will lower your electricity bill because your system won’t be struggling to maintain the temperature in your home.

Check Your Alarms

Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and test these alarms to make sure they’re working correctly. It’s a good idea to set an annual date for checking your alarms. You won’t have to worry about an alarm beeping in the middle of the night to alert you to a dead battery, and you will be able to start your summer knowing your alarms are in working order.

Pool Preparation

Your pool can provide countless hours of entertainment, as well as relief from the summer heat. Unfortunately, pools are also one of the most significant household safety hazards. Hundreds of children drown each year in pools, and it is so devastating because these deaths were preventable.

Protect your pool and your family by having a pool safety fence installed. Pool safety fences can be used to keep young children and pets from accessing your pool without supervision. Pool Guard also offers pool safety covers designed to keep people from falling in your pool. The covers come with a 15-year warranty, and their pool fences have a lifetime guarantee. Fences can be equipped with self-closing gates to ensure your pool is always secure.

Check Your Security


If you have done renovations, you may need to add new security cameras to protect your home or relocate existing cameras. Spring is an excellent time to make sure your security cameras are correctly positioned because thieves are most likely to try to break in when nobody is at home. Since many families take summer vacations or go on day trips, your home may be targeted during the summer.

It’s a good idea to check local bylaws and make sure you’re following them. Some municipalities require homes with pools to have pool alarms. You may need to install a pool alarm to comply with local regulations.

Garage Maintenance


Summer is the perfect time to clean out your garage and dispose of hazardous materials. Inspect the walls and patch holes that mice can use to access your garage. You do not want mice nesting in your vehicle’s engine once the colder months start.

Turn to garage door experts for garage door opener repair services. If your door opener stops working, you will have to get out of your vehicle and manually open or close your door or leave your door open. Garage door repair experts can also replace your door’s springs, cables, and rollers to keep your door working. Every year, dozens of young children die in hot vehicles. Some children leave their homes, enter the family vehicle, and get heatstroke. Maintaining your garage door will ensure that you can protect your vehicle from the elements and prevent young children from accessing your vehicle without supervision.

Focus on the Exterior


Summer is the perfect time to inspect your home’s siding. You may need to power wash it to remove grime or debris, or it may be time to repair or replace your existing siding. Summer is the optimal time to repair or replace your home’s siding, windows, or roof. The long days ensure crews have plenty of time to perform repairs and upgrades.

Trim long tree branches that could damage your roof or siding. Remove dead or dying foliage from your yard. Replace or repair your deck. Replace screens in windows and doors to keep the bugs out. Clean your grill to ensure you’re ready to cook outdoors.

The summer won’t last forever, so it’s important to get started on home maintenance as soon as possible. You’ll thank yourself in December when your house is in good working order and you can stay warm in the comfort of your home.