Why Furniture Restoration is so Popular

In recent years furniture restoration has become more and more popular. If you’re curious as to why so many individuals spend their weekends painting drawers or reupholstering chaises, continue reading to discover a few reasons why Umberto de Pretto believes furniture restoration is so popular.

Why Furniture Restoration is so Popular:

1. Individuals would rather display unique, one of a kind pieces than mass produced items

One of the key reasons why furniture restoration is becoming so popular is that a growing percentage of individuals would rather decorate their home with unique, one of a kind pieces, rather than purchase mass produced furniture from a popular furniture shop such as IKEA.

So if you don’t want to have the exact same coffee table or dining room chairs as your friends and family members, it’s well worth purchasing a second hand piece of furniture, which you can use as a focal point.

2. It’s rewarding being able to restore a piece of furniture to its former glory

It’s incredibly satisfying being able to restore a dusty, neglected piece of furniture, to it’s former glory. In fact, DIY decor is rewarding in itself. You’re highly likely to treat a piece of furniture which you restored with love and gentleness than a run of a mill piece of furniture, which was mass produced and was cheaply acquired from a local store.

3. You can choose to put your own stamp on furniture which you choose to restore

While some furniture restorers simply sand, polish and repaint the pieces of furniture which they choose to restore, you do have the option of putting your own stamp on the furniture which you restore. After all, when it comes to furniture restoration, you’re only limited by your own imagination.

As simple examples, you may want to reupholster a chaise with floral material or velvet or you may want to give your bed’s head board a new lease on life, by covering it with fabric which you love.

4. You can supplement your current income by selling furniture pieces which you’ve restored

Did you know that you can easily supplement your current income by selling furniture pieces, which you’ve lovingly restored? There is currently a growing demand for unique one of a kind pieces of furniture, which have been restored as he vast majority of individuals don’t have the time or skills to restore furniture and are willing to pay a hefty sum, for a restored piece of furniture which they think will beautifully compliment their home.

5. Furniture restoration is a great hobby

If you’re looking for a unique hobby to pursue during your free time, it’s well worth getting into furniture restoration as at the end of each project, you’ll actually have something to show for all your hard work. Many families also choose to complete furniture restoration projects in the weekends as a fun family bonding experience, which will teach their children handy life skills.

If you are convinced that furniture restoration may be a fun hobby, it’s well worth choosing your first furniture restoration project. After all, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to show off your “new”, piece of furniture!