What to include when updating your den

Turning an unused room into a den is a great addition to any home. Traditionally used when referring to a wild animal’s hidden home, the use of the word ‘den’ has expanded to include recreational rooms in a house where you can relax in private. Whereas the living room provides a fun space for the whole family to relax, a den is primarily used by the adults of the house for some time to rest and recharge away from the kids. If your den is looking a bit tired, or you are seeking to repurpose a room, here are some things to include when updating your own little sanctuary.

Drinks cabinet

As a den is primarily an adults-only space, you might like to include some adults-only activities in your den design. A drinks cabinet and refrigerator will ensure that your beers and wine remain cool when you want to relax in peace with a drink. You could also add a home bar to your den, a particularly good idea if you plan to use the room as an additional entertainment space, bringing the glamour of a bar to the comfort of your own home.

Games equipment

In keeping with the bar vibe, you might want to add some games equipment to your den, such as a pool table, a Foosball table, or a dartboard. These can be found in a variety of styles to suit your décor and tastes. For instance, though a dartboard provides a modern design feature in its own right, you might prefer to hide the board when it is not in use, in which case hidden dart cabinets are the best way. Likewise, you can also find pool tables that double as dining tables, providing an extra recreational surface when not in use.

Music systems

Listening to music is one of the most enjoyable ways to relax, and rather than being confined to listening through headsets off your phone, you can make the most of your favorite tunes by adding a music system to your den. This might be high-quality speakers from which to play your Spotify playlist; or, if you prefer your music, old school, a record player or turntable to play your vinyl collection on. Alternatively, if you are going for the bar vibe with your den, why not add a jukebox? Not only do they provide a striking retro design feature, but you and your guests will also have the fun of lining up your playlist.


If you are a movie buff, you could consider turning your den into an at-home cinema experience. Look for a large screen TV with a cinematic picture quality and speaker system. To make your viewing even more relaxing, add a set of home cinema chairs, complete with blankets for double the comfort. Additionally, as no cinema experience is complete without popcorn, add a retro style popcorn maker complete with both sweet and savory flavors of popcorn, and you’re all set.