What Are Some of 2021’s Most Reliable Generators?

Today, power outages present a true problem, being that everything is connected through power. Losing power can result in loss of work, force you to endure extreme weather conditions, and even risk your health, if it depends on electrically powered machines. You may think of generators and picture bulky load equipment, but today’s generators are much more compact and quieter than before.

A generator can be the best guard from power outage emergencies, but what is the best generator for your needs and your budget?

Here are some of the specifications you will need to consider when shopping for a generator.

• Wattage – A generator’s capacity is measured by wattage

• Power source – Generators run on gasoline, diesel, liquid propane, natural gas

• Warranty – Generator manufacturers generally provide three years of limited warranty; however some can range from 2 to 5 years as well.

• Safety – Generators emit dangerous gases and use volatile energy sources. Installing them improperly can damage your appliances or worse.

Standby and Inverter Generators

Standby generators are the most powerful. These are permanently installed units that will switch on automatically if you lose power. These units will require natural gas or liquid propane to run. On the other hand, Inverter generators take initial AC current, turn it into DC current and then convert it back into AC current to power whatever is plugged in. Inverter generators typically use gasoline, although dual fuel models are gaining popularity and are compatible with liquid propane.

2021’s Most Reliable Generators

Kholer Generator

Kohler is one of the biggest names in the generator industry and is proven to be a perfect option when it comes to your power supply. Kohler offers a five-year limited warranty on all their standalone models. The best part about Kohler generators is that they are all commercial grade and will automatically sense an outage and switch on by itself. Kohler standby generator models are installed permanently next to your home and are always monitoring your power supply. By constantly monitoring your power supply, it will know if the power is lost and turn on quickly to ensure that your power loss is shortened.


While Cummins generators are typically on the more expensive side, they are well known for their excellent quality, efficiency, durability, and design. All Cummins generators are built and designed to work in cold conditions down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. With its safety features, compact size and quite design, Cummins generators can be installed as close at 18 inches away from your home. With Intelligent Load Management technology installed in its units, the unit has the ability to turn equipment on and off as needed for your household and will power equipment off, if necessary, to prevent itself from overloading.

Westinghouse WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The Westinghouse WGEN9500DF offers close to maximum capacity found in portable generators today. With 9500 continuous watts, it will easily power appliances such as refrigerators, electric heaters, and air conditioners. This generator has the ability to run on gasoline or liquid propane.

Generac 7042 Standby Generator

The Generac 7042 is a standby generator that turns on automatically and can run on an unlimited power source. It has 22kW of peak capacity and 19.5kW of continuous power, which means it can keep almost your entire home on for a prolonged period, given that you provide the proper maintenance and natural gas. However, it can also be powered by liquid propane if gas is not available. This unit has a 5-year warranty and an assortment of smart features to ensure safety.

Champion Power Equipment 3500-Watt Portable Generator

The Champion Power Equipment 3500-Watt portable generator is a more economical purchase at right around $350. However, although the price point is low, you do not have to sacrifice quality, but you will need to settle for less power. The Champion 3500W will provide enough power to keep valuable appliances running and it delivers as much performance and warranty as its leading competitors.

Briggs & Stratton P2200 PowerSmart Inverter Generator

The Briggs & Stratton P2200 inverter is designed mostly for camping, with a peak of 2200W and a running capacity of 1700W. This unit can power a small refrigerator, fans, and small appliances. The only downside is that it has a 2 year warranty, while competitors offer 3 years warranty on similar models. Moreover, the warranty goes down to 90 days if the unit is used for commercial purposes.

WEN RV-Ready 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator GN400i

The GN400i by WEN is ideal if you want an inverter but need more wattage at a budget-friendly price. This unit puts out 3500 continuous watts, and will run for 7 hours at 50%, which is almost the maximum capacity of smaller generators. The only downside is its open frame, which makes the unit louder than closed frames, and leaves it exposed to natural elements.

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