Today’s Housing Market: 6 Insights to Why Mobile Home Parks Matter

In a housing market where prices are ever increasing, many Americans are looking for alternative housing options that are both affordable and livable. A popular choice is a modern mobile home, and we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why choosing to live in a mobile home could be a fantastic choice if you’re looking for options.

It’s always wise to do some research before making major decisions. There are loads of great resources online regarding mobile home living, such as Sierra Corporate Management.

#1 – Homeowners and Renters Need Affordable Options

This has been referenced in the intro, but it’s worth elaborating on.

The dream of home ownership seems destined to remain a dream for may people with traditional housing prices continuing to soar. It’s not just stand alone houses either, but also apartments. Mobile homes offer a far cheaper alternative for buyers, and in particular, first homeowners.

As the cost of buying traditional houses climbs, so too does the price of renting them. So whether you plan to buy or rent, it can be such a stretch on the budget that it’s simply not viable.

Buying or renting a mobile home really solves this problem, as either scenario is way more affordable than traditional housing.


#2 – Live Smaller Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle

While it’s true a mobile home is definitely smaller than most regular houses, most are just as roomy as an apartment, so you’ll still have quite a bit of living space.

Many people mistakenly equate mobile homes with tiny homes. They erroneously believe smaller means tiny, but that’s not the case. Most mobile homes have considerably more space than a tiny house, so you won’t feel cramped and claustrophobic.


#3 – Modern Mobile Home Parks Are Trending

People are not only choosing to downsize and move into a mobile home within a park for the sake of living more cheaply. The rise of modern mobile home parks is due to the attractive lifestyle they offer.

Many are built in pleasant areas, often near water, offering some awesome recreational activities. The parks are well designed and maintained, with lots of gardens, trees, open spaces, amenities and access to schools, shops and public transport.

A real sense of community spirit exists within a mobile home park. Residents easily make new friends and improve their social lives into the bargain.


#4 – Everything Is Taken Care of By a Management Team

Another huge draw card to downsizing where you live is reducing the amount of chores and maintenance you have to do in your spare time. Looking after a small mobile home and lot is a snap compared to taking care of a big, traditional style house.

Add in the fact that mobile home parks have a management team that maintains the park, and you’ll find you have a lot more time on your hands to enjoy the things in life that truly matter.


#5 – Mobile Home Owners Don’t Need To Buy Land

If you choose to buy a mobile home within a mobile home park, you don’t need to purchase any land to sit your house on. You simply pay a small monthly rent on the lot and you’re covered. Park management takes care of the rest.

Mobile homes are a very cost effective way to purchase a home, and really a low maintenance and stress free way to live.


#6 – Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks Are a Positive Investment

From an investment POV rather than as a resident, the growing popularity of mobile home parks means you’re virtually guaranteed a positive ROI; whether you purchase one mobile home to rent out, ten, or even an entire mobile home park.

While many property investors still continue to focus on apartments and regular housing, savvy investors are seeing a fantastic opportunity in the mobile home market. Cost per unit is very low, and when you own a number of mobile homes, the risk is spread, adding further weight to mobile homes being a secure investment.