Pre-Fabricated Homes Now More Convenient than Ever

Prefab homes have become more accepted as an alternative to building over the past few years, and for good reason. They are extremely convenient, eco-friendly, and are able to integrate contemporary architectural advancements, not to mention they provide instant equity.

These are just a few of the reasons why builders today are calling prefab homes the houses of the future, and there are plenty more. You can expect to see a rise in the popularity of designer pre-fabricated homes in years to come, but there are already a number of reasons to invest now. They’re more than just convenient—the benefits are extensive.

Benefits of building a pre-fab home

For instance, they’re constructed within a warehouse. This might seem like a minor factor, or even a negative factor, but the fact is this reduces exposure to inclement weather during the build, which equals less stress and wear on the home’s frame.

There’s another reason this is a significant advantage. The number one concern when building a home is unforeseen costs, and the number one unforeseen cost is extended building times, usually because of weather. By building in a controlled environment, building schedules are never drawn out by the weather, meaning your project is much more likely to be delivered on time, and at the original quote.

This level of control over the project is typical for pre-fab homes. The build is much easier to predict when building in a controlled environment, so the chances of running into extra costs are greatly reduced.


This also makes prefabs more customisable than many expect. Elements can be swapped out easily, including roofing, room layouts—even window locations can be changed during production. This is generally too difficult with other constructions projects.

Pre-fabricated homes commonly use a modular floorplan approach, and this means you can even add of carports and garages during the process, if needed.

Other benefits

Quoted prices for homes include everything from carpets to heat pumps, and many prefab homes come with comprehensive guarantees on quality and warmth. This makes them just as warm and comfortable as homes made via other construction methods.

Prefab homes can also be delivered directly to your plot of land, which means you avoid all the disruption of having trades and resources on your property during construction. Even so, you can still check in on build progress whenever you like, just as if it was a normal construction project.

Want to know more?

In short, you can expect all the craft and control you’d see from any build, but building indoors keeps you from running into any nasty surprises regarding the cost. Find out more from the experts, and visit the Keith Hay Homes Facebook page today.