Most Functional Features You Need in a Vacuum Cleaner

On most days, your vacuum cleaner is your saviour; on other days, you lament not buying additional accessories to get specific tasks done much quicker. When you find the perfect vacuum cleaner for your needs, it almost becomes an extension of your arm. But most people are not aware of all that their vacuum cleaner can do.

People are inclined to settle for a vacuum cleaner that “gets the job done” rather than one which seems perfect to them. If you’ve not yet realized the benefits of having an efficient vacuum cleaner, let’s introduce you to its wonders! One look at popular vacuum cleaners like the best Henry Hoover, and you will be inclined to replace yours right away.

What Features Do You Need?

Why settle for less when you can get more done with your vacuum cleaner? When buying your first (or even second and third) vacuum cleaner, you may not be aware of what features will be helpful. Understanding what features are essential and which ones are “nice to have” ensures that you make the perfect pick and are safe from sales assistants piling unnecessary accessories on you.

Suction Power

While the amperage and the wattage of the vacuum cleaner are essential, they do not signify the suction power. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not have a uniform method to indicate suction power, while robot vacuums use Pascals, upright vacuums use AWS, and shop vacuums use peak HP.

The suction power is essential if you want your vacuum cleaner to be strong enough to suck dirt and debris from your carpet while also keeping your hardwood floors clean. However, for those who only have hardwood areas to clean, a lower suction power may be sufficient.

Filtration System

For those who may be allergic to dust or have family members who are allergic, the filtration system is crucial. For this, the HEPA filtration system is considered to be the gold standard, which is used by most vacuum cleaners, like the best Henry Hoover.

When selecting your vacuum cleaner, do not be fooled by the mere mention of the “HEPA” acronym. Some manufacturers may call their cleaners “HEPA-Type” or “HEPA-like” even when they do not use HEPA filtration.

Warranty Period

The longer the warranty period, the better. When a product has an extended warranty period, it shows that its product is reliable. After all, people will only need to use their warranty card in case their product stops functioning.

While a longer warranty period is preferred, there are some standard warranty periods for various products, such as a year warranty period for robot vacuums and a three-year warranty for standard vacuums. When you select a product, ensure that its warranty period is equal to what other companies offer.

Bin Capacity

While Bin Capacity does not matter much when you live in a small home, it may become a problem in the future. A smaller bin capacity means that you will need to clean your bag frequently, especially if you live in a larger house.

Hence, it is essential to select a cleaner that has adequate bin capacity, depending on the size of your home and the type of dirt that the vacuum will need to clean up so that you do not wind up having to clean your bag while you are in the middle of vacuuming your home. While various models offer different standard bin capacities, one or two may offer a larger bin size, making them stand out.

When you find the perfect vacuum cleaner, vacuuming will not seem like a chore anymore. Before you purchase a hoover, it is best to go through a few reviews and read the different models’ specifications to know that it meets your needs.