Javier Burillo – Why We Love Looking at Celebrity Houses

If you take a trip to glitzy places around the world such as Los Angeles, Miami or Monaco, you will often find that there are tours where you can check out celebrity homes. I did this last year in LA and saw homes from all of the stars and the wealthy people. from Bruce Willis to Jayne Fonda, Javier Burillo to Salma Hayek, there are some truly incredible properties out there. I have to be honest, I enjoyed that tour a lot, but I did get to thinking about what exactly it is, that makes us want to go and look at these properties from the outside.

I spent much of that tour considering this, and here is what I came up with.


On the face of it, looking at these houses is not so much about who lives there, or where they live, it is really about the fantasy of it all. Staring into someone’s house, makes us dream about what our lives would be like if we were them. These kinds of tours help you to step out of yourself, to truly imagine and fantasize about how your life could be if things were different. These houses are a window into someone else’s life, literally, and that gives us the perfect opportunity to dream.


Another side of checking these properties out is that they are seriously impressive buildings, which will blow you away. For most celebrities they have far more money than they could ever need, and so it is nothing to them to drop huge money on something like a property. For the likes of you and I, we are unlikely to ever see such a property and that is why checking it out from the outside, is the perfect way to get some kicks. Sadly, there will be many celebrities who have become accustomed to living in this way, for the rest of us however, those enormous buildings with their amenities and features, are absolutely incredible.

The Celebs

I spent much of the tour thinking about whether or not this kind of trip was about the celebs, or whether or not it was just about the wealth and the impressive nature of the buildings that we were looking at. I thought that it possibly wasn’t about the celebs, and then we went past the house of Bruce Willis, one of my favorite actors. When we stopped outside, I was pretty star struck at the idea that just behind the gates of that property, lives one of the finest actors I have ever seen. I was far more blown away by this than some of the other properties, even though we couldn’t really see much of his house. At this point I recognized that we are in this for the celebs, just as much as we were in it for the riches and the properties.

Have you ever taken one of these tours? What did you make of it?