Integrity Heating and Cooling – Now is The Time to Get Your Air Conditioning Checked

If like me you are living in Mokena, Il or anywhere in Illinois for that matter, you are probably still trying to get yourself warmed up after this awful icy snap that we have just had which saw us plunged into temperatures of minus 40 degrees. Despite this however it is a very good time for you now to start thinking about your air conditioning and getting it checked out. Just last week I had the brilliant team out from Integrity Heating and Cooling who are based here in Mokena, Il, to get my air conditioning units checked over. You may think that I am a little mad for doing this now but here is why I think that it is the best time to get everything checked out.

Too Late

Problems with products like an air conditioning unit will usually appear after they have seen heavy use, so after the summer has gone. What this means is that many people go to turn on their air conditioning on a scorching hot day, only to find out that there is an issue with it. This means of course that you have to suffer in heat until you are able to get the unit repaired, something which nobody wants to do.

Busy, Busy

Let’s assume that your air conditioning unit is broken and you need new parts for it, yet you haven’t realized until it is too late. In this situation you are not going to be able to get it fixed within a couple of days because companies like Integrity will be very busy with other clients experiencing the same issues. You may also have to wait longer for parts for the same reasons. I you decide to get the unit checked out now however, you can ensure that you can be seen quickly and that plenty of parts are available.


There are some companies who will increase their labor costs during the summer months because they know that this is the busiest time of year in terms of people having air conditioning needs. This doesn’t happen with all companies of course but if you are able to get your unit checked out now, you can be safe in the knowledge that you won’t be paying top dollar.


Air conditioning units are not cheap and neither are its parts. In some cases you may not have the money to pay for its repair right away which is another reason why it is better to get it checked out now. If you get your united checked now and it does need parts, you have a little bit of time to save up and get it fixed before you will need it. This takes the pressure off being forced to shell out when the hot weather comes, and it gives you the peace of mind that you can afford the repair.

Forget about the snow outside and go and get your air con unit checked over.