How to Take Care of Your Home During the Summer

Just like your ever-changing wardrobe, your home also needs to be prepped for the variety of seasons, too. What could be a concern for your home during the colder, winter months will not be a priority during the summer; but likewise, there may be extra home maintenance you need to take care of when the hot weather approaches that you don’t necessarily have to worry about once summer is over.

Here are some tips regarding what to concentrate on during the summer months.

Check on Your Air Conditioning

The last thing you want during unbearably hot weather is for your home’s AC system to breakdown. It’s important to make regular checks on your air conditioning, even when you’re not using it much, just to ensure that it’s always in working order.

If the worst should happen and you need to pay for your air conditioning to be fixed, you can look for ‘AC repair near me’ online to find a professional who will have your AC back up and running before you melt.

Dust Your Ceiling Fans

If you have fans in your home and you haven’t used them much during the cooler months, the last thing you want is a layer of dust falling on you when you come to switch them on – and coating your home in a layer of it, too. Make sure you dust and clean your ceiling fans before you turn them on during the summer, helping for a cleaner and fresher atmosphere.

Prepare Your Outside Space

One of the most important things you can do for your home (and yourself) in preparation for summer is readying your outside space. Whether you have a yard, decking, or a large garden, you need to ensure the space is cleaned and well-maintained, ready for those summer activities. Give your decking a good scrub, your lawn a good mow or kit out your outside space with garden furniture, ready for the sun.

Tend to Your Plants

You may have avoided trimming your overgrown hedge during winter when you had an excuse, but summer means you need to cut back your hedge and tend to your plants, or maybe even decide to plant some new ones while the sun is shining. Take advantage of the hot weather to do some serious garden maintenance, and the result will help you to best enjoy the space when you’re done, sitting back to admire your work.

Clean Your Outside Grill

Your grill is most likely going to need a summer clean if you haven’t used it for a while, and it’ll need to be in its best shape, ready for any summer barbequing. You can use hot water and a scrub brush on charcoal grills, and you can use a grill brush and sponge on gas grills to get rid of any build-up. Ensure that you let your grill dry fully before using it to cook anything. You can spend the time setting up your barbeque area with tables and chairs while you wait.

Ready the Bug Netting

Pesky bugs and insects are unfortunately a part of hot weather, and unavoidable when it comes to summer. You may want to consider installing window and door screens if you don’t already have them and are planning on having your home relatively open during the summer months, so as to keep them from infiltrating your home. Keeping doors and windowns open with some kind of netting over them will ensure a filter of fresh air while keeping the winged insects at bay.

Clean Your Windows

The glass in your home may have looked spotless during the darker, colder months, but it only takes one bright ray of sunshine to highlight all the streaks and marks on your home’s windows. Give them a thorough clean in preparation for the hot weather to ensure that they’ll be sparkling when the light hits them. You can use glass cleaner and/or warm soapy water to make the most out of your windows.

Switch any Heavy Curtains for Blinds

How you dress your windows really makes a difference depending on the season. In summer, it’s better to rid your home of heavy, dark drapes which will only serve to darken and warm up the room and replace them with cooler blinds, even if it’s just a simple white fixture. This will also help to reflect natural light and make your home feel brighter, and also makes your room feel bigger.

Start your preparations for the summer early to ensure that you can truly make the most of your time in the sun. The above tips are the perfect way to make positive improvements to your house, so it’s ready for the summer months.