How To Select The Best Soundproof Insulation For Your Space?


Ever tried having a private or important conversation but you keep getting distracted by noise? Yeah, it can be bummer. Whether it is your neighbors’ loud rock music, the blaring of horns coming from the street below your office, or the chatter from the waiting room interfering with your, we hate noise and would go to any length to eliminate it. Most times, we don’t have control over the noise (or noisemakers in this case), but we do have control over how much it interferes with us.

Soundproof insulation is becoming increasingly popular because of its great capacity to reduce or deaden noise completely from interfering with your space. This solution can be used in practically all spaces including Schools, Classrooms, Hospitals, Auditorium, Apartments, Restaurants, Bars and lounge, Call Centers, Office, Worship centers, Factories, Conference rooms, Laboratories, Hotels, Library, Recording Studios, and many more. Click here for a list of common soundproofing materials.

There are quite a lot of factors to consider before selecting soundproof insulation for whichever space you want to install it in. Some of them are:

The level of noise: Noise level differs by space and environment. Although the goal is to eliminate noise, how much noise you eliminate is determined by how much resources you use. By implication, you need to determine how much noise you want to reduce to know what material to use. There are a varying number of materials available to suit your requirement but it depends on the space area that needs soundproof insulation. While some materials can be installed upon completion, others may need to be built in between the wall during construction. is an informative site on selecting quality soundproofing insulation products. You also need to consider whether you are interested in soundproofing or sound deadening. The difference between the two is that while soundproofing makes a room impenetrable by sound, sound deadening lowers the transmission of sound into space.

  1. Your kind of space: before purchasing soundproof insulation, the space you want to use it on determines the kind of materials you will use. There are a variety of materials available depending on your specific needs. Materials for noise impact resistance for classrooms would differ from the ones used in recording studios. For instance, ClearSonic products are useful in reducing the sounds of musical instruments, which would be useful for band practice spaces. Hence, most soundproofing materials are peculiar to different spaces. This is obviously because each space differs in their usage and tolerance for noise.
  2. Material type: sound is transmitted via the air. Like air, it flows in through cracks and openings. This means that whatever material you want to use must be able to block out openings and cracks. Fiberglass batts, spray foam, and injection foam soundproof insulation are quite popular for homes and offices soundproof insulation after construction. Most of these are inexpensive and supports DIY soundproofing, but may not be so effective in eliminating all forms of sound. Also, there is the risk of respiratory illness, cuts, or dirt upon the mounting of Fiberglass batts. Acoustic insulation is very useful for soundproofing and maintaining the design of the space. Some materials can only be installed by professionals and are usually more expensive but are effective at keeping sound eliminating sound 100%. Spaces like recording studios or auditoriums might require materials such as vinyl, mineral wool, laminates, stone wool, and many more. These are usually more effective in noise reduction because of their high density and heavy mineral-based boards. They can absorb both sounds coming from within and outside.
  3. Security and safety: it isn’t enough to select the best cost-effective material that adequately meets your need. You also need to ensure that the material is safe enough and well insured. Before installation, confirm that the company is a reputable one with good reviews from previous clients. They should be able to provide a platform for testing the materials and provide a warranty for their product.


Noise can either be from within or without so knowing what kind of sound you want to get rid of would aid you in selecting just the right soundproof insulation for your space. Your budget would determine what materials you can afford; hence you need to be well aware of what you need to get the maximum results.