How to Make Your Show Home Bathroom Look Neat and Stylish – and Expensive


Let’s face it – creating a show home is no joke, and there are a lot of little things that make up the whole – and these small details may seem small, but in many ways, they can make or break your entire show home look. Take the bathroom, for instance – it is one of the smallest rooms in a home, but plenty of home buyers would agree if the bathroom didn’t look good and appealing – and clean! – your show home’s attraction would go down the drain (pun intended). It may be a small space, but it has a significant impact, and buyers want one that looks neat, stylish, and, believe it or not, expensive. So here’s how to make your show home bathroom look just that.

  1. Add seat/s

The first thing you can do to transform the bathroom without making too much effort is to add a seat or two. Looking at high-end, stylish bathrooms the world over, particularly in posh hotels and resorts, you’ll notice that they have one thing in common: seats. This seating can take on different forms, from the simplest (a wood or metal stool) to the plushest (an intricately designed, comfortable armchair). The combination of soft cushions and upholstery creates the best dimension and depth, especially against stone and tile. Still, even if you can only place a simple stool in the corner, it already looks like you have taken the bathroom to a whole different level of luxury.

  1. Make use of nifty containers

Another way to make your bathroom look expensive – without costing an arm and a leg – is to put stuff into well-appointed, matching containers. We’re talking about the smallest items – be it cotton balls or Q-tips – or larger items, like matching dispensers (with the appropriate labels, of course) for your hand wash, shampoo, conditioner, and the like. By doing so, you’re automatically making the space look more organised and neater – contributing to the aesthetics, too.

  1. Hang up a beautiful mirror

Do you want to instantly transform the bathroom space and make it look bigger than it is? The answer is simple: hang up a beautiful mirror! And we’re not talking about boring old medicine cabinets – we’re talking decorative mirrors. Do away with those generic mirrors you could see at the hardware – go for a mirror with a little more personality and style. If you lack storage, there are far better ways to have the storage needed if you just become a little more creative (for instance, open shelves are both attractive and practical, as shown by interior designers like, who know what makes a bathroom look truly stylish). And here’s a pro tip – a new one can cost a pretty penny, so if you have the time, look for one at a vintage flea market or bazaar.

  1. Make the space comfier with a bathmat

Does your show home bathroom lack the homey character and appeal reminiscent of boutique bathrooms? Maybe all it needs is a bathmat – but make it a good one! Buyers will be the first to notice if your rug or bathmat is dingy and worn. But if you want to go one step further, you can use a Persian or Turkish rug – and its design and the softness of the fabric will be enough to say ‘luxury’ to all the viewers.