How to Find a Chair Style that is Perfect for Your Home

If you are redecorating your living room, you need to shop for sofas and accent chairs. After purchasing a comfortable sofa for your living room, the next furniture to buy are accent chairs.

As the term implies, the function of accent chairs is to boost the existing décor of your interior space. Ideally, you only need one or two accent chairs for your living room. If you decide to add to your bedroom, one accent chair will do.

We will guide you through the different types of accent chairs. By doing so, we hope that you can choose an accent chair that will look best in your living room or bedroom.

Club chairs

Club chair originates in the 1700s, and its name was due to the frequent use of this type of chair in gentleman’s clubs. This type of chair is known for its roomy and cushy qualities paired with deep seats and rolled armrests. The Chesterfield club chair is the standard for club chairs. It also inspired modern chairs that you now see at clubs and elegant speakeasies.

You can install modern club chairs in the living room and bedroom. It can be both a formal and casual décor, since you may now use different fabrics or materials to upholster it.

Ideally, club chairs should be used in furniture groupings, but they are also stylish to be used as a standalone furniture or accent chair. Adding a small table on the side will transform a corner of your room into a cosy getaway to relax and unwind.

Wingback chairs

Wingback or wing chairs, but more popularly known as grandfather chairs are traditional chairs that were invented in the late 17th century. It got its name from the side wings located on top of a chair’s posterior end. This was used mainly as an area where people can take afternoon naps and is also an excellent chair for reading.

You may install wingback chairs in home offices, dens, and living rooms. Due to the relatively large size of this accent chair, you may pair it with a large sofa or sectionals with the same or similar fabric.

Although wingback chairs started as traditional chairs, you can now find modern iterations of this elegant piece of furniture. Wingback modern chairs feature more angular lines and prominent wings, which gives the chair a more updated look.

Directoire Chairs

The directoire chair is a style that sprung up in the latter part of the 18th century. Unlike the classic Louis XVI furniture style prevalent back in those days, the directoire chair features simple and more fluid lines. Directoire modern chairs are characterised by flowing curves that extend from the front and to the top of the chair’s posterior. Due to its soft look, directoire chairs are excellent additions to a myriad of interior design styles. It is the perfect accent chair for small spaces and works well in both living rooms and bedrooms.