Helpful Plumbing Tips For Home Renovations


Do you have any home renovation projects planned? Perhaps you’ve decided that it would be more cost-effective to renovate your existing residence than to buy your dream home. Whatever your reasons, one thing to keep in mind is that many home renovations involve plumbing work.

CDL Plumbers Newcastle explains, whether your home renovation project involves your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, you’ll need a licensed plumber to do the necessary plumbing work before the home renovation project can begin. The plumbing work should come before the home reno initiative. The reverse order not only won’t work, but also could lead to nothing but headaches and higher costs.

So that you can properly prepare for a home renovation project, what follows are some helpful plumbing renovation tips.

1. Get a Licensed Plumber to do the Plumbing Renovations

Don’t assume that the contractor you hire for the home renovation project has a licensed plumber on its payroll. Some contractors — usually the bigger ones — do while other contractors — usually the smaller ones — don’t. But you can’t assume based on size. When looking for a reputable contractor to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, ask if they have a licensed plumber on staff. If they don’t, either find a contractor that does or be prepared to hire a professional plumber from another company before doing the home renovation project.

2. Take Care of Other Plumbing-Related Issues

When you’re getting plumbing renovations done ahead of a home renovation project, don’t overlook any other plumbing maintenance or repair situations that materialize. For instance, a licensed plumber might discover leaks or damaged pipes after getting behind the drywall to access the piping system. Taking care of any maintenance or repair issues is important before moving onto the home reno project.

3. Consult Plumber Before Starting Home Renovation Project

When the home renovation project is in the planning stages, consult with a licensed plumber to get their input. They’re the experts and will be able to advise you. If there are aspects of your planned project that are not in line with code or that will run you into problems, the licensed plumber will let you know the issues and will recommend other options. The last thing you’ll want is to have to call in a professional plumber to fix costly mistakes that could have been avoided if a licensed plumber had been consulted before starting the home renovation initiative.

4. Determine Which Walls Have Plumbing Access

Do you have a big kitchen or bathroom renovation project planned? If your plans call for changing the location of the sink in the kitchen or the bathtub in the bathroom, you’ll want to know which walls have plumbing access. If your intent is to have things moved around to walls that lack plumbing access, it will be more difficult and more costly to set up the necessary plumbing access. It is doable, of course, but that will translate into a more costly project.

5. Use Quality Materials

While cost is an important part of the equation, you don’t want to focus so much on the cost that you jeopardize your home renovation project. A home renovation project can cost a considerable sum. But if you’re going to go this route, you might as well invest in quality materials. This will result in greater satisfaction after the work is completed..


Prior to kicking off your next home renovation project, you’ll want to reach out to a licensed plumber. It’s an investment that will ensure a better home renovation project since you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary mistakes and to avoid spending more than necessary.