Guide to Maintaining Your Iron Gate

Gates made from iron are a popular choice because of their durability and malleability. Although they also require maintenance, they are not that tedious to preserve compared to other gates made from different materials like aluminium or wood. Iron gates are a wise investment because they last for a long time. If you have this type of gate installed in your property, here are maintenance tips that will help extend its life.

Perform regular cleaning 

An iron gate is easy to keep, but this doesn’t mean that you can forget about its maintenance. It still needs careto maximise its life. Droppings, dirt, and dust are just some of the things that stick to the gate. Rain is also one cause of damage. While it seems that it gets the gate clean, it leaves elements that could react to the finishing of the gate and gradually damage it.

Use a mixture of water and soap for cleaning together with a soft brush. Do gentle strokes to eliminate unwanted dirt and elements without causing damage. Thoroughly wash it with water afterwards to remove soap residue. You have the option to let it sun dry or do a hand dry, as long as you are sure that there’s no more residue left that may cause a reaction with your gate’s finish.

Do a repaint

The original paint of your iron gate can peel off after some time. It will not just affect the external appearance of the gate but its overall condition too. The paint serves as protection from the elements and not having it will expose the gate, thus causing rust or damage.

If you are confident about doing a repaint, this can be a DIY project. Remove any peeling paint and rust first before applying the primer. Apply a primer, then let it dry before applying another coat. Lastly, apply the paint where needed and let it dry. Make sure to use one designed for painting iron.

Avoid rust

Rust is one of the things that can cause damage to the gate. Prevention is always better than repair. One way to avoid getting rust on the gate is by using a primer and finish that has a rustinhibiting feature. If you are already faced with the problem of having to remove rust, use sandpaper to remove the rust while preventing other parts of the gate from being scratched. There are treatment products available in the market that you can apply to the rusted area to prevent it from reappearing.

Lubricate the gate

Hinges and other moving parts of the gate will get dry after some time. This will cause squeaky noises and difficulty in gate operation. The said parts must be greased at least once a year to keep the gate working smoothly. Apply grease as soon as you hear noises even if it has not yet been one year since the last lubrication.

With proper care, your iron gate will be in its best shape and working perfectly for an extended period.