Gifting Love in A Custom Frame

Why not frame something meaningful and show your loved ones how much they mean to you?

Custom picture frames are a versatile gift that can be used to send a personal touch. Whether you frame a precious memory, a beautiful piece of art or an inspirational quote – there are so many ways to tailor your gift to the right person.

Here are 12 amazing custom frame gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day and beyond!

  • Family photoshoot and framed prints

Has it been a while since the family has had photos taken together? Here’s a great gift idea – book a family photoshoot and then print out the best photos to give to your parents, spouse or children. Frame the photos in high quality, custom frames for an extra personal touch.

  • Reminisce memorable moments

If there are memorable moments you’ve had with someone, taking the time to celebrate these with framed pictures or souvenirs is a wonderful gift. Perhaps you have photos from a fun trip you went on, memorabilia from an event you attended or a poster of a show you love watching together.

  • Create a piece of art

Do you have a creative side? Handmade gifts are deeply personal and a great way to show someone that you’ve spent time on their gift. Whether you dabble with paints, digital art or embroidery, create something that’s unique for your loved one. Have it custom framed and give it to the recipient with pride.

  • Frame treasured memorabilia

Does your partner have prized collectable items that he or she keeps in a box? Getting valuable memorabilia framed could be the perfect gift. High quality custom frames won’t just show off the items in an attractive way, they’ll also preserve them so that your loved one can keep on enjoying them for years to come.

  • Frame your kids’ creations

Are you helping your children give gifts to their other parent or grandparents? Whether they’ve created a special artwork or written a beautiful letter, parents and grandparents love receiving personal gifts from little ones. Frame your kids’ creations for a gift that the recipient will adore.

  • Choose meaningful words

Frames don’t just have to be for pictures! Got an inspirational quote that you know your loved one will adore? Perhaps they have a favourite poem or a hilarious quote from a movie that they love to say. Have the words custom designed in an attractive way and then frame them for a highly personal and unique gift.

  • DIY a pressed flower display

Do you have to give a gift to someone who loves nature? Why not create your own pressed flower display. Simply collect flowers and petals, put them in a flower press or between heavy books for a few days, and then arrange them attractively. These work beautifully with floating glass frames.

  • Support a local artist

Give a gift that supports a local artist in your community. You can find artworks of all kinds by local artists at galleries, markets and online platforms like Etsy. Some artworks will come framed, but others will require you to frame them before you wrap up your gift.

  • Consider cross stitch and embroidery

Looking for an art-based gift that’s a little different? Cross stitch, tapestry or embroidery could be the perfect choice. These traditional crafts are coming back into fashion with their interesting textures. Whether you attempt making something yourself or purchase a fabric based artwork, make sure you finish it off with a quality frame.

  • Create a picture frame gallery

This is a fantastic gift for anyone who wants to decorate their home but doesn’t know where to start. Give your time, energy and creative ideas by making a picture frame gallery for them. Gallery walls are a popular way to display lots of meaningful pieces together and will add personality and style to the home.

  • Custom frame a mirror

If you love the idea of giving a custom frame, but aren’t sure what to put in it, why not give a custom framed mirror? Mirrors work beautifully in almost any setting, bringing more light and opening up tight spaces. By adding a custom frame, you can give your loved one something that really suits their style and aesthetic.

  • Give a framing voucher

Do you know that your loved one wants something framed? Give them a voucher for custom picture framing. This could simply be a ‘homemade’ voucher you create as a commitment to organise and pay for the framing. Sometimes saving someone time and effort is the best gift.

What is your ‘go-to’ sentimental gift?

From local artwork to family photos, precious memorabilia and framed mirrors – there are so many ways to give a meaningful gift that your special person will love. What will you be giving your loved one this Valentine’s Day?