Four signs that tell your home is in desperate need of renovation

It’s unrealistic to believe that the condition of your décor and the entire home will be great forever. After a while, time does take its toll on wood, metal, plastic and even concrete or whatever else you might have going on. When that happens, time shouldn’t be wasted and homeowners should consider renovation ASAP because if they don’t, they’re putting a lot of people at risk. Here are four very noticeable signs that indicate about the need to renovate!


Rotting is an entirely natural process which means that it’s very hard to avoid. Once you see wooden parts of the exterior or the interior go bad and look rotten, it’s really time to consider renovation. Once something like wood starts to rot, there’s actually no way of going back. Rotting is an irreversible process that hinders the sturdiness and integrity of any constructional material.

If you want something that’s wooden but is better proofed from rot and moisture – choose charred wood. Hop on to Degmeda to find more about the Japanese technology of wood processing.


Mold is a complex issue that appears because a variety of negative factors come into play. First of all there’s cold, second of all – low air circulation, thirdly – excess moisture. If these three factors are present in any of your rooms or areas in the house, expect to find mould. Of course, in the early stages you can clean it off using powerful agents, but as it progresses, mold damage becomes irreversible.

You can get rid of it, but it will just come back. The only viable solution is a ground-up renovation that can fix all three factors we’ve mentioned above.

Creaks & Clunks

Every creak and clunk sound you hear can be an indication about the ever-worsening condition of your home. They usually point to the areas which are getting closer to breaking every time they’re stepped on, touched, have something put on. Sadly creaks and clunks might be fixed by a complete overhaul only.

Heating bills

One of the primary issues that make the life of many homeowners unnecessarily difficult is needlessly high heating bills. They are going to be high if your house isn’t energy efficient, which means poor insulation, no energy recuperation, poor ventilation, etc.

One-time installation cost will pay off in the long-run and having 30%, 40% or even lower bills, when compared to pre-renovation is a great way of saving money and improving living comforts!