Find a Bedroom Mirror You’ll Love

Bedroom mirrors aren’t just decorative accents. They serve multifunctional purposes, beginning with making your bedroom look bigger. They reflect more light and carve out a valuable space for dressing and managing your hair and make-up. Most people prefer to have two mirrors in the bedroom—a small mirror for detailed grooming and a floor-length mirror to assist in coordinating outfits.

Bedroom mirrors also help in creating illusions that enhance the space. They make a small room appear bigger, and a dark, sullen bedroom appear brighter and happier. Their decorative style should support your room’s tone, style, and color palette.

If your space only permits small mirrors, try placing them at eye-level or higher and arrange them either in a line, like a collage, or spaced them evenly apart. If the space only allows one mirror, choose a large floor-length option that will help you easily complete all grooming tasks.

If the bedroom size isn’t an issue, and your room gets plenty of sunlight, then you can use your mirrors in other ways. One is to beautify the décor by showing off your creativity. Strategically placed smaller mirrors can add convenience and functionality to the space.

A small bedroom mirror placed on a side table or dresser is always accessible for small tasks like combing your hair, taking off make-up, tying your tie, or addressing skin blemishes.

Small mirrors are also a way to bring light to dark corners. That results in making the room feel larger. Gold and brass accents contrast beautifully against dark bedroom walls and illuminate lifeless corners. You can put them together like a collage or keep them separated.

You can also add small mirrors to existing wall art and create your own art installation. Be careful not to add too much to the wall as you don’t want to clutter the area. A cluttered wall makes the room feel smaller and messy; not an ideal environment to relax.

Stand-alone mirrors allow you to create another focal point aside from the bed. Often there is open wall space, and you are unsure about what you should use to decorate the area. A painting or other wall art would look nice, but the space under it would still be empty. Solve this problem with a full-length mirror to ground the empty space and give it personality.

Placing mirrors opposite of each other is another effective way to make a smaller room feel bigger by creating the illusion of depth. Large mirrors are the best choices if you really want the full impact of the illusion. Another trick you can use is to place a large mirror opposite your doorway. That way it will reflect the outside hallway, making your bedroom seem larger. This illusion works well with both tall and small mirrors.

Add a mirror to the wardrobe or closet doors for convenience as you prepare for work in the morning. You’ll be able to check your outfit and fix any flaws before stepping out.