Fast sale – how to sell your property quickly

Properties are funny things. First, we had to convince ourselves that the property in which we currently reside was the best property in the area for the asking price. We took everything into account. The location, the condition of the floors and the walls, the electrics, the pipework, even the upkeep of the neighbours’ gardens (nobody wants to live in a rundown area if they can help it).

But then when the time comes to sell up and move on, we know deep down that the property is riddled with issues, inside and out, and we tend to just simply advertise and hope the next buyer won’t notice the many reasons that the property is set to cause them a headache. Well, that’s not good enough. Let’s look at fixes that could see you sell your property fairly and quickly.

Fix. Absolutely. Everything.

You live there. You’re used to it. But you must fix every little thing if you want to impress prospective buyers. For example, perhaps you need to fix broken refrigerator drawers or tighten up those loose door handles, or level any raised flooring, or nail down that loud and creaky step on the stairs, or even or mend a wonky kitchen table (first impressions count!). No one said fixing everything was going to be fun. But the only way to ensure a fast sale is to wow your viewers.

Where you can offer a flawless property that is ready for the next buyer to move in, the people viewing your home will begin to imagine what they would do with the interiors and how they would change the decor – rather than spending their limited time on your property making mental notes on which doors don’t close properly and which light bulbs flicker. These are simple fixes that really can boost your chances of a quick sale.

Be flexible on your asking price (immediately)

There is no denying that there is a stigma attached to properties that have been on the market for some time. Often, due to the seller’s determination to achieve a certain asking price, potential buyers will come and go and the house will linger among the real estate agent’s listings for weeks, then months, and eventually years. All because the seller (which in this case is you) wouldn’t budge on the asking price, even slightly.

The problem is that people don’t want to be known as the buyer who finally bought the property that so many other discerning buyers had walked away from. By choosing to purchase the “reject” house that has been on the market for years, the buyer knows that they will face endless quizzical looks and questioning from neighbours on the theme of, “So, go on, we’re dying to know, how come you bought the house, it’s been on the market for years, we never thought it was going to sell”.

Shift on your asking price before buyers lose interest. Anything more than six months on the market means buyers will become suspicious.