Expanding your family? Here’s how you can utilise space in your home

Are you expecting a new bundle of joy? Congratulations!

This is an exceptionally exciting time in your life, but chances are it’s probably just as stressful too. Regardless of whether this is your first first baby or your fifth, expanding your family can put inevitable stress on the space in your property. We’ve put together a few simple hacks that’ll help you utilise the space in your home so that you can comfortably accommodate this new member.

Have a clear out

Wait! Don’t roll your eyes and close the tab after reading what you may believe is an already painfully obvious tip – hear us out.

It’s true that you’ve probably already thrown some bits and bobs away, but have you actually had a proper declutter? Have you explored your property, sat down, and created a list of items that are taking up too much space without truly giving anything back?

We’re all guilty of holding onto things we deem valuable or a necessity when chances are, the bin or a charity shop is really the best place for them. You may think that keeping 1 redundant book isn’t taking up too much space, so what’s the harm? But when you combine 1 redundant book with that pile of needless clothes alongside the outdated wobbly ornament cabinet… That’s a lot of space that you could utilise elsewhere.

Convert existing features in your home

This idea is a winning one – there’s no doubt about it. You’d be flabbergasted to realise just how much furniture you have in your home that can actually double-up as storage space.

What’s currently under your stairs?

Real Homes explore not just one way in which you can create storage space under your stairs, but twenty-two. Our personal favourite is simply creating a door to transform all that vacant space into a makeshift cupboard. You’ll be able to keep a variety of items, both big and small, hidden underneath the stairs.

Garage conversion

Garage conversions are a classic way to make use of extra space within your property, and they don’t require a huge investment either.

It may be difficult to look at your current garage and imagine it being anything other than a cold and draughty storage unit, but there are professionals that can help you transform the space into something wonderful.

Findley Roofing & Building, roofing contractors in Darlington and elsewhere in the North East, have specialised in this particular service for over 40’ years now. They guarantee home owners the highest standard of new living space and offer a free, no-obligation quote to get the new project off to the very best start.

Maybe you’d like a beautiful and hospitable room to unwind once the children have gone to bed, or maybe it can be their space to play games and keep out of trouble? These are the things you must consider as you are expanding your family, after all…