Decorating your Home for a Quick Sale, Tips from a Realtor

Home staging is paramount if a house on sale is to fetch the desired amount of money. Likewise, research has shown that the average sale price of a house can increase by 1%-5% when decorated to highlight the most impressive assets.

Below are some of the best home decorating tips as given by realtors from Boca Raton that I’ve had a chance to speak to.

Clean and De-clutter

If you wish to arouse buyers’ interest at first glance, then the house on sale should be sparkling clean and speak volumes. Every inch of the house should shine from walls to corners of the ceiling. No buyer would want to see films of grease or piles of crumbs or dirt on walls or windows.

The cleaning process should target all neglected areas such as windows as well as inside of the refrigerator. The bathroom should spark from every corner right from the sink to behind the toilet. The cleaning process should essentially make everything appear new. A new shower curtain will be an excellent investment if the old one is smelly.

Clutter takes a lot of space, which could make a house appear small. To make the house appear big, get rid of some items or arrange them in such a way that they don’t consume too much space. The closet is one of the areas to get rid of unnecessary items to give the impression that the storage space is big enough.

In the kitchen, you may have to paint the cabinets if they show wear and tear. Likewise, you may have to remove items from the kitchen counters such as coffee makers and microwaves as they tend to take up a lot of space.

Improve on Lighting and Ventilation

No one would wish to spend their hard-earned money on a house that is gloomy and dark. Lighting is thus, paramount when it comes to house staging. Whenever a potential buyer comes visiting, make sure all the blinds and curtains are opened to ensure optimum light illuminates the rooms.

If your lampshades and light fixtures are old, this might be the perfect time to replace them as a way of adding some glamour into the house. Incorporating modern lighting fixtures should help bring about different color temperatures ideal for cooling and brightening up the house.

Remove all broken bulbs and replace those that are not working. You might also have to consider deploying brighter bulbs that give a better appearance.

Work on Your Living Room

The living room is the most important room when planning to put a house on sale. When it comes to staging the living, make sure that buyers are able to visualize the space as their own. In this case, the room should be void of any personal touches such as personal pictures that suggest the house belongs to the seller and not the buyer.

A good rule of thumb is to ensure that the living room is spacious enough by removing some furniture. This way, you will make the room appear appealing to people with less furniture. If your furniture does not look showroom ready, then renting some for staging should come into play.

Once you have settled on the couches, chairs, and tables that will occupy the living room space, position them away from the walls. The design technique is designed to create a cozy and intimate space for moving around with ease.

Add Some Extras

Once you have cleaned, cluttered the house and arranged furniture, adding some extras will go a long way in adding some glamour and vibe. Some of the finishing touches you can include fresh flowers in vases as well as a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen counter.

Folded towels would also add some touch to the bathroom area. A bookshelf with some of the best collections in the living room would add some touch as well.

Work On You House Appeal

While most focus is usually paid on the interior, the exterior is also paramount. While preparing a house for sale take time to mow the lawn, trim any overgrown greenery as well as plant some flowers. If you have a big porch, you can never go wrong with adding outdoor furniture to the mix. Likewise, power washes all the walkways as well as windows. Putting a mat and potted plants on the front stoop might also come into play.

Decorate Away

If you are planning to sell your home, it is important to ensure it looks absolute best right from the outside to the inside. Likewise, you can never go wrong with home staging as the process is designed to highlight the most impressive assets likely to arouse a buyer’s interest. For that matter, it is important to ensure that the house is sparkling clean. The living room and kitchen should speak volumes as buyers pay more attention to these two rooms. Likewise, the landscape should add to the vibe by creating a one of kind atmosphere.