Cleaning a Granite Worktop is Simple and Easy with These Tips


There is nothing like a granite worktop to make a kitchen feel fancy. Although it is less luxurious than marble, you can achieve the same effect with this siliceous stone. If you get this for your kitchen, always remember to clean it after use. Like most extravagant materials, granite needs proper maintenance. If left untreated, it will lose its lustre and durability. A food thing that it is easy to maintain with simple and easy cleaning tips.

But before we go into that, it is important to know if the sealant on your granite worktop has worn off. A sealant makes an object airtight or watertight. It can also keep stains at bay, but not prevent them completely. When cleaning, the goal is not to strip the sealant off. Many granite worktop London suppliers make sure they paint a layer of sealant on the material before delivery. Doing so protects the ‘pores’ of the stone. If you have no problems with the sealant, proceed with cleaning.

Use gentle cleaners and soft tools

Cleaning does not need to be abrasive. Gentle cleaners can clean as well as their harsher counterparts. Acids make granite worktops break down more easily because the trace level of minerals is sensitive to them. Vinegar and lemon can tone down the granite and dilute its sealant. It is encouraged to use warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft cloth when cleaning this kind of worktop. If you come across a special granite worktop cleaner, then it will make the job easier.

Dry the surface thoroughly

It is crucial to take the moisture out of granite to avoid water spots and streaking. These can be difficult to remove the longer they are not taken care of. A soft microfibre towel is the best tool to do this task. It should be a habit to wipe or blot spills on a granite worktop before they turn into permanent splotches.

Use a baking soda paste to remove stains

Stains are unavoidable in the kitchen. Luckily, there is an affordable way to remedy this problem. A combination of baking soda and water can remove oil-based stains while baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can get rid of water-based ones. Apply the paste on affected areas. Then, gently scrub the counter with a soft cloth. Continue to do so until the granite worktop is clean. Rinse well with warm water. For stubborn stains, let the paste stay overnight and seal with plastic. Remove after, rinse, and wipe until it is spotless.

Reseal the countertop every 2-4 years

Since sealant only repels stains, it is bound to wear off. It is time to reseal if it becomes bothersome to wipe away spills or if water drops don’t bead anymore. You can hire a professional to do this, or you can do it yourself. A pair of gloves, some sealant, and a soft cloth is necessary for this task.

Preserve the beauty that is your granite worktop with these failsafe tips. It won’t cost much and will only need some of your spare time.

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