Best Tips on Hiring Roofers


Today, you might see modern buildings with no foundations or even walls. But there is almost no building without a roof. Whether it’s a classic construction or just a flat panel, the roof is there to be ‘cherry on the top,’ equally aesthetically appealing and functional. The latter is the primary role of the roof, as only a functional roof can provide good protection from external threats.

If you need professional help from roofing contractors, it won’t be easy for you to find a reliable one. That is a big task and can be time-consuming and costly if not done properly. Here’s what can go wrong is the rooftop of your house is poorly repaired.

According to the experts from Palmetto Roofers in Greenville, SC, when hiring a contractor, you should ensure that they have enough experience to perform the job correctly and safely. There are many things you must do other than this, though.

Get Some Leads

Word-of-mouth is still a trusted means of finding people who can provide you with quality service. You surely know someone who has recently done roof repairs or regular maintenance. For starters, ask close people for leads to get some names. But don’t rush to hire a particular roofer just because someone close to you recommended them.

Ask your friends about the best roofer they worked with, as well as those who they wouldn’t recommend. Let them talk if they’ve ever had any problems with contractors they hired. Did the roofer take good care of them? Did they get on well together?

If you can’t get word of mouth recommendations, look in the yellow pages or the Internet. There you can find names of contractors available in your area. Find a website that allows you to enter your zip code and connect with other homeowners in your area who also need roofing service. You can see their recommendations as well as get some ideas about what contractors could help you with.

Make a Shortlist

It’s not enough to get some numbers and decide who to hire, based on their website or catchy ad. You have to dig in for some information, and the crucial one is licensing. Working with someone who is not a license holder is a significant risk, especially if these contractors work on risky jobs (like roofing).

When a contractor has a license, it means they’re approved to work under state laws. This document is proof of expertise, as no one who has not undergone formal training and practice can get it. You can have peace of mind, as licensed roofers must be insured and provide a warranty for their work.

One more thing that can help you shortlist selected contractors is their specialization. Whether your roof is specific to something or repairing it requires special skills, you can look for roofers who practice in it. If this information is not obvious (for example, roofers are advertised as flat roof experts), you can check it by contacting the contractor directly.

Examine Work Background

Another thing you should do is check the history of the contractor. You need to know how to hire roofers with experience, especially if you want to save money and be relaxed. Working with amateurs can be a costly try, especially if they’re not licensed.

With a simple Internet search, you can get essential information about a particular contractor. First, you can look at their online presence. Then, you can look for reviews and comments from previous clients. The third, and probably most important, is to ask for work experience information directly from the roofer.

Find out if the contractors have ever had any complaints filed against them. You can find this information on the website of the local court. If there are no complaints, you can consider them a safe candidate for handling your job.

Interview Roofers

After you’ve shortlisted suggested contractors and check some information, it’s time for the interview. It’s not hard to find someone to repair or replace your rooftop. Just make sure to ask the right questions (get some ideas from this page) and check references before going ahead.

Sometimes, talking to a contractor is enough to give you an idea of whether they will be the right ones to handle an important project. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should simply pick one off the phone and hire them right away. Take some time to learn how to hire roofers and what matters when you work with them.

Check on Spot

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References are always a great way to find a reliable contractor for anything you need in your home. So don’t be afraid to ask for contacts of current or previous clients. If you can, visit a few places where roofers currently work on.

Talk to the clients and see how their projects were going. Ask them about their experiences with the contractor. Find out about the quality of work and ask them about possible issues they had while working with the contractor. You’ll get a good idea about the roofers’ skills and commitment to the task and clients. Also, see if chosen roofing experts were able to handle a project like yours.

Ask for Two or More Quotes

Depending on the size and complexity of the roof repair, you couldn’t possibly know how much it will cost you. Make sure to get at least three quotes, even if it’s about minor shingle repair. Don’t rush with the hiring unless water pours in overhead.

Price is not always a measure of quality. But roofers who are licensed, trained, and reputable will surely have a higher hourly rate than beginners or amateurs. Some may charge more, but they’ll provide you with quality service, insurance, warranty, and great customer support.

On the link below, see which information should be in every cost estimate:

After checking all mentioned requirements, trust your gut. If you don’t feel comfortable or the roofer gets on your nerves, don’t be afraid to recall your decision before signing. Take your time to find someone who will do a good job and make you happy with the results.