Best Technical Service For Repair Of Household Appliances In Winnipeg

Do you have a problem with the fridge, washing machine or any other electrical appliance? You are on the right website since we have the best technicians to carry out any type of repair at your home or office.

Best technical service for Appliance Repair in Winnipeg, a variety of experienced companies offer quality in services at the best price and carry out the repair in both brand and white label appliances. Their professionals know first-hand all kinds of breakdowns and how to solve quickly and efficiently. They provide best technicians, highly qualified and a great professional career in the detection and repair of breakdowns in household appliances.

At Household Appliances we strive every day to be trained in the latest technologies that new appliances include in order to give you the best response quickly and efficiently. Multitude of electronics makes up the new controls of the appliances which are prone to unexpected failures. A good diagnosis by qualified personnel of our technical service can save us a lot of money since we have our own laboratory for the repair of electronic modules, thus avoiding the complete change of the module most of the time, as do the rest of companies of the sector, including the official service of the manufacturer.


First, perform appliance repair, breakdowns that may arise in; fridges, dishwashers, boilers, dryers, ovens, freezers, heaters, thermos, ceramic hob, extractor hood, fume extractor, arches and any appliance that needs a repair with excellent results.
We offer an excellent technical service, with a guarantee and a reasonable price for our clients.
We have the original spare parts from the best brands, from the factory to our warehouses and without intermediaries to achieve greater performance from your appliance.


We offer free daycare, since we have a support network that will send the unit closest to your home, guaranteeing you a great speed in offering our repair services.
Our professionals are subjected to constant training courses, innovating day by day with the best subjects and new techniques to facilitate our work.

Experienced Appliance Technicians

We have over twenty five years of expertise in household appliance repair. Quality is our daily maxim in home appliance repairs. In the last year we’ve got allotted quite 65,000 electrical appliance repairs throughout Canada.

Most Competitive Rates on the Market 

We come back to your home without any commitment, as soon as potential and free of charge, to be able to build a diagnosing of the repair of your appliance. So you will solve your repair as shortly as potential to be able to relish your home with all the guarantees. We have appliance repair professionals altogether provinces and autonomous communities.

The average price of Associate in Nursing appliance repair changes taking into consideration the fault or the spare elements to be used, but different corporations charge you between € one hundred and € a hundred thirty.

Availability by phone 24 hours

Our call center is made up of experts in the repair of appliances that will solve all the doubts you have. They will give you the best of solutions and at the best price. Because we know that the breakdowns of your household appliances are urgent.