Best Kinds Of Blinds For Your Home

While blinds may seem like a relatively minor detail in your home, the truth is they can either greatly add or take away from the look of the particular room they are in.

You see, blinds do far more than just offer you privacy or regulate the amount of sunlight that enters your room at once, and they can directly impact the value of your home even.

Blinds, which are noted for their moveable slats that can either be tilted open or close, stand in stark contrast to shades, which can be raised or lowered via a cord. If you’ve decided that blinds are the way to go, you should still know that there are many different kinds of blinds for you to choose from.

Here are the best kinds of blinds for your home:


 Mini-blinds are, without question, one of the most economical window treatments available. They are offered with one inch slats that can be shortened down to virtually any length you need.

Mini-blinds work best for windows that are more narrow in width, and especially ones in either bedrooms or kitchens. Mini-blinds are usually constructed out of either vinyl or aluminum, and they require very minimal maintenance.


 Another type of window blind to consider will be shutters. Shutters are highly functional because they are very effective at controlling the amount of light that enters your room at once, as well as your level of privacy. If privacy and light regulation are your two biggest priorities with a window treatment system, shutters will probably be the way to go. Furthermore, shutters can also aid in insulating your home against either the cold or the heat from outside.

Wood Blinds

 Wood blinds add a very natural look to your home. Available in either stained or painted forms, they also typically have a simpler construction, which makes them very easy to operate.

With available materials from bamboo to pine to ebony, and with different slat sizes to more efficiently control how much light enters your home at once, wood blinds offer an excellent combination between style and functionality.

Faux Wood Blinds

 Faux wood blinds may not be made out of real wood, but they are still one of the most affordable choices out there while still requiring very minimal maintenance. In fact, faux wood blinds are arguably more durable than real wood blinds, while being offered at a lower price point. Since they won’t fade easily, faux wood blinds are a good choice for rooms that receive large levels of moisture such as restrooms.

Best Blinds For Your Home

 All in all, these will be the best kinds of blinds to install in your home. Your goal with any window treatment, however, should be to hit the right balance between style, privacy, and light control so you get a truly functional blind that also adds value to your home.