5 Tips to Make Velvet Work in Your Home

Velvet is a material that has continued to grow in popularity all over the world, and for good reason too. Some prefer to use it in clothing while others like to furnish their homes using velvet couches, pillows, throws, and more!

Why Is Velvet Furnishing Oh-So-Good?

It’s long-lasting: Velvet fabric is durable and lasts for a very long time.

Easy maintenance: Velvet fabrics are so easy to clean. Velvet furniture can easily be cleaned with a few fell swoops of a vacuum cleaner or even with a toothbrush, damp sponge or other cleaning tool that allows dirt to be removed gently but effectively.

It is very versatile: Velvet can be implemented in several different ways and can be used in various ways to style your home as we will see later in this article.

So simple yet so royal: Aside from the obvious royal blue velvet popular in interiors, the material always gives a glamorous look wherever it is used.

Very practical; Velvet sofas are built in a way that their material is resistant to stains and liquid damage, meaning accidents won’t leave dirt, loose threads and or four legged friends can’t leave their mark by malting!

Comforting: Velvet furniture is so soft to touch and comfortable when you sit or lay on it.

Highly adaptable: They blend in with any style, color scheme, or the design theme you have chosen for your space. Velvet furnishings work elegantly with most other materials in the same space while still looking eye-catching and chic.

Tips for Buying Velvet Furniture

Velvet fabric is known to ‘bruise’ when someone sits on it for a long time. So, if you are not a fan of something like that and would prefer to not have to maintain the fabric too much yourself, we suggest that you buy velvet that is made from synthetic fibers as it does not bruise that much.

Get A Velvet Sofa

Getting a velvet sofa is a great way to help your household embrace the elegance of a velvet furniture item.

Not only will they help you make a deeply stylish statement, but they will also provide extreme comfort to your space. Especially if you buy a quality-built Velvet Chesterfield sofa, you will have a beautiful place to sit that also provides you with a super comfortable seat.

Velvet couches bring out all the other features, colors, and decoration pieces in the room and give them all a deeply elegant and eye-catching boost.

Get Velvet Pillows

You could place them on the couch, on your bed, or you could even place just one pillow on a single chair. Velvet cushions are the easiest way to give your home a touch of velvet.

Colors like orange, rose-gold, and green are truly beautiful when used within velvet furniture. So, why not give these a try in your space?

They could also be in the form of floor cushions or bean bags. Meaning you can sit on them whenever you want and read a book or play a game, just simply relax all while seated on your cushion. They are also a wonderfully comfortable product for you to bring out when some friends come over for a movie night or game night, allowing them to sit on it and get comfortable as they please.

Consider Getting Velvet Curtains

Just like a velvet sofa, velvet curtains will also help you make a powerful statement, they are an important part of the room, after all.

While you should pick the color of the curtains depending on the overall color scheme of your living room, bedroom, or lounge, you should also consider draping curtains among the colors of a dull golden, ashy-black, grey, or navy blue as they help give an exceptionally strong look.

A Velvet Headboard

To get rid of your usual everyday bedhead, you should get a velvet headboard. It helps you bring a sophisticated look to your bedroom while allowing added details in the form of tufted, studded, or even plain designs to enter your room and show off their delicate appearances!

Get A Velvet Footrest

A velvet footrest or an ottoman is a vintage furniture item, often modernized but inspired by retro silhouettes. You can add it to your home to achieve the sophistication brought about by a timeless piece.

They act as marvelous storage spaces for you to keep your books, throws, and magazines while still being able to pair them with your velvet Chesterfield sofa, armchair, and also used to rest your feet while sitting on the couch.

And hey, if you’re a fan of the world-famous TV show Friends, you can get a green velvet ottoman just like the one in Monica’s apartment!