4 Things In Your Home You Probably Aren’t Cleaning Often Enough

Homes get messy so easily, especially when your family is living a busy life and you don’t always have time to clean. Most people spend at least a few hours a week cleaning their home, but often are left feeling like this still isn’t enough. There are several areas you may pay more attention to than others like the kitchen and bathroom, but unfortunately there are also probably a ton of spots you are missing. Here are 4 things in your home that you likely don’t clean often enough.


Especially if you allow shoes in your home or have pets, your floors are dirtier than you could ever imagine. Hardwood floors are swept pretty easily, but mopping or deep cleaning can take more time and probably won’t get done as often as it needs to. With carpets, you may vacuum on a regular basis, but if you want them to be truly clean it is necessary to get your carpets cleaned professionally from time to time.


Even when you do a deep clean on your home, how often are you scrubbing down your walls? Probably not very often, but walls pile up with dirt and grime pretty quickly and easily. Many people actually mistakenly assume their walls need a fresh coat of paint when in reality all they need is to be cleaned.

Kitchen Appliances

Doing your dishes and scrubbing down your kitchen counters may be something you do on a regular basis – perhaps even daily! But your appliances could probably use a little extra love. For example, when was the last time you cleaned the inside of your microwave? What about your oven or your fridge? Giving these things a deep clean is imperative for pest control, food safety, and the overall cleanliness of your home. Try looking online for tips and tricks, or call in the help of a professional housekeeper.


When you are cleaning your home, many spots get missed. One of those notorious spots is shelves – such as bookshelves, the shelves inside your pantry or kitchen cabinets, etc. To really clean your shelves, you will have to take everything off of them and scrub them down. A quick dust job isn’t usually enough. Keep this in mind the next time you’re cleaning your house!

Cleaning may not be the most fun task in the world or the thing you look forward to, but it is something everyone has to do, whether they own or rent their home or apartment. To save yourself time and stress, make sure you are making the most out of your cleaning sessions by remembering not to neglect the stuff on this list!