3 Tips For Editing A Space That’s Been Overly Decorated

In an effort to make your home look beautiful and reflect who you are as a person, many people feel the need to go all out when it comes to decoration. However, unless you’re an experienced interior designer, it can be hard to know when enough is enough. Because of this, what many spaces need is to be edited down rather than redecorated.

If this is something that you think your space could benefit from, here are three tips for editing a space that’s been overly decorated.

Start By Removing Everything Decor-Related

The best way to start editing a room is to make it as clean of a slate as possible. For most people, this will mean taking out all of the decor-related items and just leaving the bigger pieces of furniture that make the room functional.

Now, if you have the time, try to keep all of the decor-related items out of the space for about two weeks. During this time, notice how you feel about the space and what decor you find yourself missing. And when the two weeks are over, slowly start adding back the decor that you most missed having in that space. And if there were items that you forgot about or were glad to have moved to a different location, don’t bring those things back in again.

Let Your Paint Color Do The Talking

Sometimes, a room doesn’t even need many things in the way of traditional home decor to make the room feel beautiful and finished. What it really might need is just a good coat of high-quality paint.

With the right type of paint and the right color of paint in a space, a lot of the home decor pieces that you otherwise might have felt like were necessary for the space will quickly become superfluous. So if you have a space that you think might have gone a little overboard with the decor, try swapping out some of the decor items for a better paint.

Make Your Decor Meaningful

Another strategy you can try to filter out some of the decor that doesn’t really work in your space anymore is to look at each item in the room and see what is actually meaningful to you.

Oftentimes, people will purchase a home decor item because they saw it in someone else’s home or in an ad for a home decor business. However, this piece has no actual significance to them. And if this is the case, you should take those items out of the room and only leave what really speaks to you personally.

If you’re worried that some parts of your home might be over-decorated, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do some editing.