3 Simple Tricks That Will Help Your Home Look Nicer

When you think about home design or decor, you may immediately get stressed out or start thinking about just how big of an expense this might be. But if you are simply not happy with the way your home currently looks, there are plenty of things you can do to elevate its look and turn your home into the kind of place you can’t wait to get back to after a long hard day. Some of these don’t require any money and others not much effort at all.

Here are 3 super simple tricks that will help make your home look nicer!


Doing some light landscaping or gardening can make a huge difference to the way the exterior of your home looks. Trimming or clearing trees, mowing the lawn, and keeping up with watering plants so that they don’t die are small things you can do (or hire someone to do) that won’t take a lot of time but will make your home look much more manicured when you or any visitors first pull up. Take care of this stuff when you can, because the last thing you need is to get a headache before you even walk in the door.

Hide The Clutter

Although shoving a mess into a closet and shutting the door might put a mess out of sight for a while, this is not always advised because technically the mess (and therefore the stress) is still there and will continue to bother you every time you have to confront it.

But hiding your clutter behind cabinets or inside of closets or drawers is still a good way to make your home look cleaner and nicer at any given time. This doesn’t mean the inside of all of your cabinets and closets should be chaotic and disorganized, but it’s OK to put your clutter behind a partition, curtain, or door so that it doesn’t always have to be in view.

Choose A Focal Point

When decorating or designing any room in your home, even if you’re just giving it a little update, try choosing one item to focus the whole room around. For example, if you have a brightly colored rug that you really like, you may choose to make that the centerpiece/focal point of your living room and then make other choices such as furniture colors around that.

You might decide on colors that match the rug, or perhaps you’ll want everything else to be a bit more muted so that the room isn’t too busy and the rug stands out more.

Of course, these kinds of choices are your own and will differ based on your personal taste and style, but choosing a focal point for a room is always helpful and makes everything else so much easier!

Making your home look nicer doesn’t need to be stressful or annoying at all. In fact, it can be meditative. Plus, the end result will be that you have a place you are thrilled to come home to. Hopefully, these tips will help you get to that point.