Yasith Weerasuriya of Stanbridge University on The Role of Nurses in Modern Healthcare

‘People are our most important asset,’ says Yasith Weerasuriya, President of Stanbridge University. As health care evolves to be more patient-centered, nurses play an even larger role in providing high-value care. ‘We need to make sure that nurses are getting the recognition they deserve,’ Weerasuriya says.

Weerasuriya discusses how innovative technology and hands-on learning opportunities are part of Stanbridge’s commitment to preparing nurses for the future.

“One of the main challenges today is that as healthcare evolves, the demand for nurses is continuing to grow,” says Weerasuriya, “We need more nurses now than ever before.”

As a result, health care facilities are under growing pressure to remain competitive by providing high-value care.

“The challenge for hospitals is that more and more, they have to compete for patient loyalty,” Weerasuriya says. “As a result, there is an even greater need to have highly qualified nurses.”

‘There are very few professions where so much depends on one person,’ Weerasuriya says. ‘The way I’ve always looked at it is that if a patient comes into the hospital and gets treated well, they’re going to come back. If not, then they won’t.’

“Nurses are on the front line,” Weerasuriya says. “They have a huge responsibility.”

In many ways, patients’ perceptions of their care depend more on nurses than physicians. “We all know the doctor’s role is crucial, but I cannot stress enough how much nurses’ attitudes and behaviors are also critically important to patient outcomes,” Weerasuriya says.

As president of Stanbridge University, Yasith Weerasuriya has made it his mission to provide students with skills to help them thrive in the evolving health care environment.

“The whole idea is to provide education that will help them be better equipped for the future,” Weerasuriya says. “That’s critical.”

A focus on clinical practice and hands-on training are what sets Stanbridge apart, Weerasuriya says. “We offer our students the opportunity to perform lab tests, give medications, and do treatments under the supervision of licensed nurses,” he says.

‘The reality is that students who go through nursing school today are graduating into an environment where they will be trained in real-world scenarios,’ Weerasuriya says. “They will be able to provide care or assess whether care is needed as soon as they graduate.”

‘We provide them with the necessary skills to be highly qualified and competitive in this field,’ Weerasuriya says. ‘As a result, we will continue to meet the demands of modern healthcare.’

“I want students graduating from Stanbridge University to be confident and well-equipped for whatever comes their way,” Weerasuriya says. “I also want them to feel prepared, excited, and ready to take on new challenges.”

Weerasuriya feels that a stronger emphasis on hands-on training is one of the best things that can be done to prepare nurses for the future of healthcare.

“Students need opportunities to learn in a real-world setting,” Weerasuriya says.

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