Working From Home: Here Is How You Can Take Care Your Skin

Having a skincare routine is an element of the ending day. When we are exhausted from all the commuting and outside the hustle, and we just want to relax ourselves and our skin.

However, this routine before our circadian suddenly got disrupted when we started working from home. With no contribution of daily hustle and night rest or timing, we almost forgot our skin.

Staying at home doesn’t always imply that your skin and health are in perfect shape. Because you are safe from the outside exhaustion, you might think that the same amount of skincare is not required. Well, this is simply a myth because you are doing the same amount of work.

And, the sun still shines, eating up all the collagen of your skin.

Why You Need To Take Care Of Your Skin While Working From Home?

First of all, you don’t need a specific reason for taking care of your skin. However, this is something that should be a mandatory step in your routine. You eat, you sleep, you take care of your skin.

However, if you are wondering how you can do that, then here are some of the ways.

Do No Stop Using Sunscreen

We people simply need a reason to justify the forgetfulness of using sunscreen. However, that’s not true. No matter where you are and no matter where the sun’s position is at that time in the sky, sunscreen is a must.

You clean your face, and you apply sunscreen. That is how it goes. The weather or the season also doesn’t play a big role in stopping you from applying, then why should you not leave the house.

Cleansing And Exfoliating

We popularly associate the terms’ cleansing’ and ‘exfoliating’ with pollution.

The face wash is fine, but why do we need to exfoliate and cleanse our skin when we are not even stepping outside?

This is a very popular question asked in the skincare community. Ok, you can pass on the step if you can guarantee that there are no dust particles in your house.

No matter where you are, your skin is always the most exposed to everything that is in the environment, dust, bacteria, sunlight. It is your duty to take care of your skin and provide it the pampering it deserves after all it endures.

Cleansing your face every day and exfoliating at least once a week is important to get rid of those dust particles and dead cells that have been accumulating on your skin.

Not exfoliating regularly can also lead to a breakout, which has nothing to do with your stepping outside the house. Try Louis Widmer dermatologic products for your quarantined skin,

Eat Healthily

When we think of skincare, we always think of skin products. However, that is not always the case. Especially when we are working from home, somehow, our binging habits have exemplified themselves. This is the reason why you should never take your eating habits for granted.

Taking care of your skin externally is an excellent prospect, but, at the same time, you have to keep your system clean from the inside. Avoid binging too much oily food, which can increase the oil accumulation on your skin.

Hydrate Yourself

Not much manual labor goes into it when we are simply sitting at our home desk and working. As a result, we are not always thirsty enough to intake water regularly. However, this excuse should be thrown out of the window.

The first step to healthy glowing skin is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Keep a bottle of water beside your desk so that the item’s proximity reminds you to hydrate yourself. This is not just simply for your skin but also for your health.

Quarantining Your Skin

When we think about the different ways our skin is being saved during this period of working from home, it makes us glad. It’s true that your skin is being protected. However, that’s not all for proper healthy skin.

Detoxifying your system with some healthy food fluids, exercising regularly, and having pampering skincare sessions shouldn’t be stopped because now the weekdays and weekends all look the same!