What Fur Parents Need To Know About CBD Oil For Pets

The profound relationship between humans and pets goes back in history. It’s quite fascinating how we find deep comfort from these adorable animals.

There’s research on why humans would rather be in the company of a dog or a cat than with fellow humans. It’s not surprising really since pets carry less drama with them and when they do, at least they’re freaking cute.

When you’re a pet parent, you will do everything for your fur baby. Money figures have never been a limitation. Because let’s be real, owning a domestic animal can be entirely on the expensive side—almost the same as raising an actual baby. Nevertheless, as an owner, you look out for their well-being with utmost priority.

This is probably why you have heard of the infamous CBD. In this article, we’ll be discussing a few benefits this oil brings.

  • Helps battle cancer

Cancer is known to be a silent killer. It quietly devours your entire system without you noticing until it’s too late. This disease is not unfamiliar with us humans. It pains me to say, but this condition is also not new to our beloved pets. Unfortunately, malignant tumors and cancer are quite common among feline and canine pets (read more).

Up until the present date, scientists haven’t had any breakthroughs concerning this condition’s cure. Treatments associated with cancer is only concentrated in slowing down the tumor’s speed of growth and alleviating the pain.

Pets afflicted with cancer are given chemotherapy but just like with humans, it wields a series of side effects. Although there has been a rising study in which CBD is proven to have anti-cancer properties.

Various research focuses on how Cannabidiol can decelerate the development and spread of cancer cells. It also aids in hindering the growth glioma cell that’s responsible for tumors.

Cannabidiol is also said to boost the reaction of conventional chemotherapy effectively. The reason behind this is that CBD enhances the absorption of the medium to the affected cells. It also acts as a safety barrier for thriving cells.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

Mental disorders have been a sensitive topic for decades. In the past, society has labeled this as drama rather than a serious matter. Nevertheless, during recent years, the significance of mental health has finally been shed some light.

According to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK20369/, one in five people in the world is prone to suffer from mental conditions. We, humans, are well aware of how difficult it is to silence the mind. You’re basically in a war with yourself. This dire suffering doesn’t only affect us, humans. Unfortunately, it is also rather usual for pets.

Just like us, felines and canines are susceptible to suffer from anxiety; stress; depression, and specific phobias. These symptoms can be the result of underlying past traumas from previous owners, such as being abandoned and abused.

Anxiety may surface due to triggering events like loud noises, separation, and unfamiliar faces. Aggression; tremors; relentless barking; urinating and defecating, and the look of fear are all indications of anxiety.

Although there hasn’t been any formal study, CBD is proclaimed to ease the feeling of distress among domestic animals. It contains properties that target brain receptors that produce a refreshing sensation to the brain.

In other words, it leaves your pets in a calm and relaxing state. It’s beneficial to know Cannabidiol isn’t limited to alleviate physical conditions. If you want to try it out for your four-legged friend, check my latest blog post on CBD oil. You can get more information there.

  • It’s a natural anticonvulsant.

Do you know how one medical breakthrough could make a natural remedy an instant hit? For CBD, it could control seizures. It has an anticonvulsant feature that aids in restraining spasms, tremors, seizures, and tics. And there is actual research that can support these claims. When word broke out about how effective it was on restraining this neurological condition, it was then branched out.

Ever since then, multiple studies have been going into this miracle oil. Until such time it was already being administered to pets. Seizures are the result of the immoderate firing of neurons in the brain.

These interferences in the synaptic activity can inflict canine and feline, the leading pets in the world. No wonder why it became a hype, considering that majority of households have a dog, a cat, or both in their shelter.

Seizures are dangerous both to humans and animals, for one can’t tell when it will occur. Your fur babies can have sudden convulsions during their walk or in their sleep. Cannabidiol can come in three variations: tinctures, topicals, edibles, or treats.