ViSalus Challenge for a Better You

A challenge often provides the force that moves you along the path to optimum fitness. Through our Body by Vi 90- day Challenge we offer you the motivation, the tools, and, perhaps most important, the support to transform yourself, as have three million plus individuals before you.

At ViSalus, we recognize how essential setting a goal is for your success. A goal, or challenge, gives you a starting point as well as a stopping point at which you can look back and see how far your efforts have taken you. You can also think about and where you want to go from there. What’s more, simply finding your own challenge is the first rung on the ladder to a better life!

Of course, setting and meeting new challenges is a way to put you in charge of your well-being, a well- being that will last a lifetime. Challenges make you a well rounded person in a multitude of ways.


When you are part of a regular crowd at a fitness center or gym, social bonds are formed. Gathering with other individuals who have similar mindsets makes it easier to keep your goal in sight. Even better, studies indicate a supportive social system makes it easier to stay on your path to fitness without wandering when tempted to stray because you simply are lacking motivation.

At Vi, there is an abundance of social resources to cheer you on when you are struggling, and to celebrate your successes with you. When you visit our social pages, you can visit others in the midst of their own 90- day challenges; you can also look at testimonies of other successes, and revel in the wealth of the ViSalus Italia community.


When you are physically active, you’re not just boosting your physical health. Exercise releases endorphins, hormones known to promote a sense of well- being. Exercising also provides a distraction from the everyday worries of life. Last, when approached with the right outlook, exercise can actually be fun! Often, when someone feels down and out, getting up and getting moving is just what’s called for.

Self- Esteem

Success feeds confidence and self- esteem. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, if you make it your own, you’re going to feel good about it. Reaching an exercise goal or overcoming a craving and eating right is a confidence booster. Read some of the stories from Champions of the Vi Challenge and pay attention to how they view themselves after their amazing successes!

Longer Life

Exercise and activity can help you live better and longer lives. Science has proven that even the smallest increase in activity/exercise will boost your health and give your more time on this earth with those you love. Even one 30 minute walk a day can make a difference. If that’s beneficial, imagine the benefits you could reap from a marathon or a vigorous hike. Just remember, it’s okay to start small, as long as you start.


You face many factors that could make you lose sight of your goal. Maybe the challenge is gone from your workout and it has become stale and boring. Maybe you strayed from the healthy eating habits and just can’t get back on track. You aren’t alone- that’s typical of programs that lack support, guidance, and variety. ViSalus Body by Vi 90- Day Challenge provides all three with a program specifically for you. Furthermore, a definite time frame with an established start and finish makes it easier to keep your eye on your goal of a healthier, happier you.

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