Vaping with Marijuana, Nicotine Salts, or CBD Oil – Risk Factors to Know

The Vape Mail Ban signed into a law by the outgoing Trump administration was designed to curb underage vaping. Enthusiasts, vendors, and online sellers have been exploring the repercussions of the law that restricts the USPS from delivering any kind of electronic delivery system and vaping supplies. The most notable fact is that not just nicotine e-juices, but also marijuana or THC oil, and CBD oils have been banned.

Considering that marijuana and CBD are legal in some states, and nicotine is used as a smoking cessation option, why has the federal government targeted vaping? Here are some of the risk factors you should know about.


EVALI is a Real Risk

In recent times, vaping has been getting a lot of flak from scientists and researchers because of the high risk of a lung condition, EVALI or E-Cigarette or Vaping product use Associated Lung Injury. The common underlying component has been identified as vitamin E acetate. Although a food-grade ingredient that is also used in making cosmetics, vitamin E acetate has been found to be dangerous if inhaled. On entering the lungs, this substance creates a film on the tissues and interferes with the exchange of gases causing critical damage.

Investigators have found that illegally-sold CBD, THC, and nicotine e-liquids typically contain vitamin E acetate. Low-grade street and online vendors use the substance to dilute more expensive vaping e-juices to bring down their costs. The result is a severe outbreak of cases numbering 2,807 across the country by February 18, 2020 as reported by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.


Consuming Marijuana by Inhaling is Not Recommended

Consuming marijuana is legally permitted in some states even though the federal government has banned it entirely. Users consume the drug by smoking, eating, or skin applications. In recent times, vaping with electronic delivery systems has become the preferred channel. Recreational and medical marijuana contains THC oil that can be vaped by loading in electronic delivery mod systems. It is hard to detect that the person is using marijuana since there are almost no vapors or odors. But scientists warn that taking a hit with a vape containing THC oil is dangerous since the psychoactive compound affects the user’s body quickly. Developing dependence on the drug is a real possibility.

Consuming CBD Oil by Inhaling is Not Recommended

CBD Oil is extracted from the hemp plant that has cannabidiol properties. Many doctors now prescribe taking it for therapeutic purposes to relieve conditions like anxiety, depression, insomnia, epilepsy, and the pain because of chronic conditions. Medical practitioners may recommend that patients take CBD oil in tincture form, capsules, creams, or when added to food. But users now experiment with using CBD oil in their vape devices and inhale the drug. That’s a bad idea because the so-called oil is, in fact, the juice of the plant and is not designed for vaping.


The Main Downside of Vaping Marijuana and CBD Oil is Dosage

You might think that getting a doctor’s prescription for consuming marijuana and CBD oil makes it legal for you to vape with the drugs. However, even though the prescription permits you to use the drug, you might end up doing your body more damage than good. Check carefully and you’ll see that the doctor has outlined the optimum dosage according to your age, body weight, condition being treated, and various other factors.

If you wish to get the proper benefits, you must take the drug just as you’re told. Choosing alternative methods without medical supervision can result in disastrous results. Not only do you risk developing a permanent dependence, but you could also be found guilty of illegal drug use.

Vaping Nicotine E-Juices

Vaping with nicotine e-liquids and e-juices was originally intended to help adult smokers kick the habit by replacing conventional cigarettes with an alternative. Licensed vendors like market disposables like Hyde Curve Plus and several similar brands containing permitted flavoring agents and other components. You can check the labels and website for additional information before placing an order. These online sellers also stress on using vaping only for a short time to quit smoking for good. Most importantly, they’ll verify buyers’ ages when taking orders.

Recently-implemented regulations require vendors to get their products checked and confirm that they are safe to use. But, since getting vaping supplies has become harder, users have been turning to the black market and social media sites. These sellers have no quality-control standards and are not regulated by health authorities.

Research is As Yet Incomplete

The main factor to remember about vaping with marijuana, CBD oils, and vaping e-juices is that research is as yet incomplete on the exact harmful effects. To date, scientists have identified vitamin E acetate as the main culprit, but there could be additional toxic ingredients in illegal products that have not yet been explored.

The key difference is that you have the option to choose the levels of nicotine in the vaping e-juice. Each product carries information about the levels of nicotine. But, it is impossible to know the potency of the marijuana or CBD in the oil you’re vaping. Since both drugs are not meant for vaping, buying them off the black market is dangerous. You’ll have no knowledge or control on the exact amounts entering your body. Nor can you predict how the drugs will affect your lungs.

Be Aware of the Risks of Vaping Marijuana, CBD Oil, and Nicotine

The federal government has targeted electronic delivery and vaping devices of all kinds because of the health risks from unknown chemicals and other components. While it is tempting to get around the law by ordering from shady sources, you might want to rethink your decision. Rely only on certified sources of nicotine supplies. And, if your health practitioner has advised medical marijuana or CBD, use it only as directed. Stay protected from doing anything illegal or endangering your health.