Tips For Beautiful Nails

Your hands and nails can alter people’s impression of you, and beautiful nails will help you to feel good about yourself. But how do you keep them looking good all the time, and if they are not so clever, how can you improve them?

Stop Biting Them

Biting your nails can make them look very rough and do them a lot of damage. The very first thing to do to your beautiful nails is to stop this habit right away. You will be surprised how quickly they will recover, and at least you will not be passing dirt and germs from your nails into your mouth.

Take Care Of Your Cuticles

Your cuticles are very delicate and will tear easily.  Moisturize them with coconut oil or almond oil and massage it in gently to nourish them. Make sure any excess polish is removed, as this will not do them any good at all.

Use A Base Coat

Before putting any color on your nails, always use a base coat. It forms a protective layer and stops your nails from becoming stained and discolored. It will also give your nail polish a better finish.

If You Use A Gel Also Use A UV Or LED Lamp

A gel can give a lovely effect on your nails, but they will not dry unless they are exposed to UV or LED light. Gels can be chip-free for up to 2 weeks, but only if they are applied and dried properly. If you are unsure which is the best UV Light Nail Dryer, check out this review site to help you decide.

A Quality Top Coat Can Help

When your nails have had all the treatment to look good and you have applied the necessary coats of polish, always finish it off with a good quality top coat. This can be a matt or shiny finish and will give you the final look of your nails. Of course, you would not need to do this with gels.

Never Scrape Your Nails

When the time comes to remove your nail polish, you should never scrape it off. That will make the surface very rough and patchy and strip away their top layer. This can cause a lot of damage to your nails, which you will need to let grow out before you can start making them look beautiful again.

Choose A Good Nail Polish Remover

Good removers contain fewer chemicals, so will do less harm to your nails. Usually, the better-known brands are of a higher quality.

Protect Them With Gloves

If you need to do household chores or any other type of grubby work, protect your nails by wearing appropriate gloves.

Keep Them Trim

Once your nails have reached the length you want, you should trim and file them to keep them there. Only ever file in on directions, otherwise, you are likely to weaken and break them.

You can have beautiful nails in a matter of a few weeks, as that is all they take to grow. Trying these few tips will help you reach that goal.