The Basics Of Shaving: How To Prevent Bumps And Cuts

It’s easy for your shaving results to end up red and bumpy if you don’t take the right precautions. Most people know that feeling of having to walk around with nasty marks on their body after trying to get a close shave.

If you have sensitive skin, it may be even more difficult for you to avoid ingrown hairs and unsightly cuts. However, by taking the right precautions, and applying the right products, you can avert these unfortunate consequences of shaving. Here are some of the best tips for your shaving routine to avoid bumpy and wounded results.

Use a Quality Razor

If you’re prone to irritation, then it’s critical that you use a good razor. A cheap razor cuts too close to the skin resulting in angry follicles.

A good razor will provide a comfortable and clean shave without the hassle of nicks and cuts. It will glide over your skin rather than abrasively drag.

A big reason a lot of people skimp on a good razor is that it costs considerably more than cheap disposable razors. However, when you weigh out the cost with the results of a skin-friendly shave, it’s worth it!

Use Plenty Of Shaving Cream

Don’t even think about shaving with soap or something which wasn’t made specifically for shaving. Lather up and put plenty of shaving cream on your face before you start shaving.

Shaving cream creates a barrier between your skin and the razors that it slides smoothly with the risk of friction.


Exfoliating is a critical part of not only your shaving routine but also your skin routine. Your skin is constantly shedding old skin cells, and it’s vital that you make room for the new.

Daily exfoliation will clear out old bacteria and avoid your pores from becoming clogged with breakout-causing dirt.

When exfoliating your face, consider using a light brush that will gently sweep away dirt and grime and reduce the r risk of your skin breaking out in irritation.


Razors strip the top layer skin away when you shave. As a result, your skin can dry out and overcompensate with excess oil. When that oil makes its way into your pores and hair follicles, a breakout or ingrown hairs can occur.

It may seem like backward logic; however, applying moisture to your skin can prevent excess oil. When your skin has enough of what it needs, it doesn’t have to overcompensate.

By following these tips and skipping a day in between shaving, you can avoid most shaving issues. The key is being gentle and thorough without repeatedly shaving over the same area multiple times. Before you know it, you’ll have clear and smooth skin every time you shave!