Taking Care Of Senior And Disabled Dogs – CBD Oil Helps With Mobility?

Is there anything more rewarding than getting a puppy for the first time? I don’t know about you, but I remember my eyes starting to tear up when I saw my little friend for the first time. My chest was filled with an inexplicable sensation and I could barely speak. Maybe that’s because I have wanted a dog for a long time before actually getting one. But, I highly doubt it that you were any less happy.


How long before you felt completely attached to your little pup? For me, it was an instant bonding experience. The moment it looked at me with those puppy eyes, I was ready to indulge every single wish it had. That cost me a few chewed slippers and some scratched furniture. But, hey, I was inexperienced at the time. Luckily, I was quick to figure out how to teach my dog to behave.

Nobody Stays Young Forever

Have you noticed how fast they grow? I don’t know which breed you own, but I am not talking only about physical growth. While they are still young, canines have tremendous amounts of energy. So much so that it is really difficult to keep up with them. No human being can run faster and play harder than a young, healthy pooch.

Yet, as time goes by, they seem to get lazier, don’t they? They are calmer, more disciplined and generally less energized. It just goes to show that dogs have a similar aging process as people. Speaking of that process, they are bound to reach the senior age at some point.

What do you do when that happens? Do you just sit there, watch your dog develop certain medical conditions that usually go with old age, and do absolutely nothing? I hope not, since that would be the same as waiting for them to pass away. Since you have spent a great amount of time with that animal, I am guessing that it became just like a family member. And you do everything in your power to help a family member.

Learn how to take care of senior canines: https://www.petmd.com/dog/care/evr_dg_caring_for_older_dogs_with_health_problems#

Neglecting your furry friend is cruel and heartless. Be it an older dog that requires extra attention, or, say, a younger, disabled canine that needs your help to move around and lead a high-quality life… When you get a pet, it is your responsibility to be there for it, through thick and thin. And if you are unable to care for it when it has health problems, then you might as well not get a pet in the first place. Think twice before you decide.


Improving The Quality Of Life For Mobility Impaired Dogs

Now, when you have a mobility impaired canine, you might think that there is nothing much you can do about it. But, that’s far from the truth. Of course, not everything is in your power and you should not beat yourself up if you find that there really isn’t a way to further improve their quality of life.

However, you need to be absolutely sure that you have done your best to help. Exercising with them, taking them to the vet regularly, keeping them on a healthy and well-balanced diet and much more… When you love your pets, then there is no doubt that you will take good care of them. And trust me; they will notice this and be grateful.

Yet, it might be possible that you are not well informed about all the ways in which you can help your dog with its mobility issues. Your vet may not always have all the answers. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t trust the vet. It simply means that you should always look for more and do some research of your own.


For example, if you click to dog page and take a look at some of the offered products, you will find that there actually may be something that can significantly influence the mobility of your canine. That something is called CBD oil. To make one thing perfectly clear from the start – it is completely safe for your pet.

CBD Summarized

This product is made from cannabidiol. That is a compound extracted from marijuana, or hemp. The reason I wanted to emphasize from the start that this product is safe is the common misconception that this has the same effects as marijuana. It doesn’t. In other words, it can definitely not get your little four-legged friend high.

That is because the product does not contain THC. And I am guessing there is no need for me to explain in detail what THC can do to your brain. You already know that. I’ll just say this – whatever it is that THC does, CBD doesn’t do it. So, instead of making wrong assumptions, let’s see what CBD can do in terms of mobility.

Pain And Inflammation Reduction

When you have a senior, or a disabled dog, it’s not uncommon to notice that they are in pain. That’s what further aggravates their ability to move around. In fact, these two symptoms are the biggest problems when it comes to movability. When your doggie is in pain, it doesn’t want to engage in physical activities. Consequently, it can develop some more health issues.


Luckily, CBD oil addresses both of these issues. It is highly popular for its ability to reduce inflammation and decrease any pains that the canine might be experiencing. A lot of studies have been conducted in order to prove this. It was found that CBD is rather efficient in that regard. And when you solve the problem of pain, all the others seem to be gradually solved as well.

Along with ridding your furry companion of pain, this product offers another important benefit. Of course, these two are closely linked. Namely, it allows you to stop giving your dog certain pain medicines that can cause some serious liver damages, while also affecting other organs. That means that you get a happy and healthy doggie without worrying about causing negative side effects.