Roger Olade – The Dangers of Too Much Sunshine

Did you know what damage too much sunshine can do to you? I’ll be honest and say that it was never something that I had thought too much about until I moved to Arizona. Here in Phoenix, Arizona the heat is searing and I very quickly realized that I had to take action after I got sunstroke on my 3rd day, leaving me in all kinds of pain. I am very lucky that my neighbor is a doctor and Roger Olade has taught me a great deal about just what the Arizona heat can do to you if you are not careful. Dr. Oladeis a specialist in internal medicine but he is no stranger to the effects and impacts that the Arizona sunshine can have on people, and here is why you must be so careful when you are out in the sunshine.


The obvious problem which many of us know about is the risk of sunburn and this is why you must always keep your suncream topped up. You should be using a high factor suncream on your skin to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun. People seem to enjoy browning their skin but this is really not doing any good to the body and whilst it may look nice to some, it is very risky.


Skin cancer is one of the worst types of cancer and it will completely dominate your body if you contract it. Many people who suffer from this disease have a history of long term exposure to sunlight or sun-beds, and it is something which is a very real threat if you live somewhere which is always hot, like here in Arizona. Make sure that if you do live in somewhere like this that you take precautions each and every day to minimize how much sunlight you are exposed to.


One of the more common affects of too much exposure to the sun is dehydration which can result in your internal organs having difficulties. What happens when your body dehydrates is that it soon struggles to carry out the basic functions required. When your body doesn’t have the water that is needed, it will look to other areas of the body for hydration and that is when you start to feel tired and drowsy and struggling to complete basic tasks. Dehydration is very dangerous for your body and if you feel any affects of it then you need to take action very quickly. I am always fearful of this here in Arizona and that is why I carry water with me wherever I go, and ensure that I drink at least 4 liters everyday. If you are in a hot place like this for along time, you should try to do the same.

There are all kinds of disorders and diseases which you can contract from over-exposure to sunlight and this is why you should always look to protect yourself.

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