Superman, Spiderman, the Avengers and so many more; I bet like myself you know a couple of them, the superheroes that grace our screens and send delightful thrills down our spines. It’s sad they are nowhere else but onscreen. If we could have them flying around, dealing with the bad guys and saving the world like in the movies, then life on earth would be a lot more interesting. All the same, heroes live among us and on a daily basis contribute to making life more interesting.

Ever wished to meet a superhero in real life? If you’ve ever met a plastic surgeon you’ve encountered one. A plastic surgeon is a licensed medical doctor that’s focused on reconstructive surgeries. They handle jaw straightening, lower extremity reconstruction, injuries and burns. With training acquired from years of education, they can transform looks and repair skin badly damaged from a third degree burn. A good number of plastic surgeons also choose to become cosmetic surgeons and work on changing a person’s aesthetic.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is just as important as any reconstructive surgery you intend to carry out so here is a thing or two to know about choosing a good one.

1. Qualifications

The right qualifications for a plastic surgeon are important, especially for crucial procedures. It takes about 10 years of training to acquire the skills needed to become a plastic surgeon. Before choosing one you have to ensure he/she is certified by the American Board Of Plastic Surgeons or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

It’s essential that the surgeon has the needed medical skills and will ensure the necessary safety requirements. It’s well within your rights to discuss the surgeon’s experience with the procedure you’re considering to determine how much up to date knowledge they have about new techniques and technology.

2. Testimonials.

The experiences of others are important for determining the efficacy of a plastic surgeon. Most surgeons have “before and after” pictures of surgeries they’ve handled in the past, these are up to one year after pictures that show the progress and success of the surgery. You could also find out the efficacy of a plastic surgeon from testimonials online and from friends or family that may have used their services.

3. Experience.

This depends on the specific surgical procedure you are considering. While plastic surgeons are well trained, most specialize in specific procedures which could include craniofacial surgery, general reconstructive surgery, breast, hands, aesthetics or burns and scars. Before deciding on your plastic surgeon, make sure the procedure you are considering is one of their major specializations.

When looking for a plastic surgeon remember to always start your search from your immediate locality, for instance if you are a resident of Newport Beach, California then you’d search for Plastic Surgeon Newport Beach. This helps guarantee the qualifications of the plastic surgeon and of course it saves you extra costs brought by distance.

Have you seen a superhero today? Don’t forget to get an autograph.