Lisa M Cannon MD – Why Social Distancing is More Important Than Ever Before

Despite the fact that vaccinations have arrived and that they are being rolled out worldwide, we are not in the clear from this pandemic just yet. In fact many medical experts like Lisa M Cannon MD have been redoubling their efforts to remind people just how important social distancing really is. Whilst we have all had a very tough year, not only with the impacts of the virus itself on people’s health, but also because of the lockdowns and what they have caused, but we do need to keep pushing for a little while longer.

The reality is that social distancing may not be normal, but it is not something which is difficult, and here is why we have to keep it up.

Slow and Steady

Whilst the vaccination programs are being rolled out at great pace, it is important for us to understand that we are not fully vaccinated just yet. Vaccinating the elderly and the vulnerable first is of course the best option here, but that is not to say that every nation is doing as well as others. For this reason we should still be practicing social distancing.


When it comes to wearing face masks there are still many who think that this doesn’t do much against the virus. Whilst the majority of studies appear to show that masks work, there is contrary evidence. When it comes to social distancing however, this is something which cannot be argued against in terms of the impact which it has. We know that the virus is carried through water molecules in the air and we know that at a distance of 2 meters we can be completely safe from getting the virus from another. Given that the virus is not going anywhere, it is essential that we are all seeking to social distance.

New Variants

It was always anticipated that this virus would mutate as it moved through the community and this is certainly something which we are seeing now. Already we have identified a Brazilian variant and another from South Africa, and it is likely that we could see more in the coming months. In most cases the vaccine should protect against these strains, but the reality is that we don’t know, and until we do, it is better that we err on the side of caution.

Staying Open

The best way to consider this is to think about how much we are enjoying things being back open again, and how damaging another lockdown could be on us all. When you consider how easy distancing is, and how much of a big impact it makes, the reality is that doing so should not be something which we ignore, at least for the time being.

Within a few short months of course we should be in the clear, with vaccinations widespread and significantly relaxed rules. In the short term however, let’s just keep that distance and keep everyone safe.