Let’s Bust Some Hair Fall Myths

Hair fall is a common condition that nearly everyone encounters at some point in their lives. The internet is brimming with remedies promising to counteract hair fall — from changing your diet to making concoctions using pantry ingredients. Unfortunately, along with the genuine advice, a number of misconceptions and hair fall myths have also proliferated. In this article, we set out on a myth-busting mission to separate the wheat from the chaff in the extensive world of hair fall information. Let’s debunk some common ones and set the record straight.

Myth 1: Frequently Washing Your Hair Causes Hair Fall

Washing your hair 2-3 times a week is a healthy practice as it keeps your scalp clean and prevents infections. It’s crucial to use the right products, such as Kérastase’s Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant anti hair fall Shampoo, which not only cleanses but also fortifies your hair, tackling hair fall head-on.

Myth 2: Cutting Your Hair Regularly Will Reduce Hair Fall

Cutting your hair frequently does not affect hair fall as hair fall is related to the health of your scalp, not the length of your hair. However, regular trims can prevent split ends and help maintain the overall health of your hair.

Myth 3: Hair Fall Increases with Age

While it is true that hair naturally thins as one ages, hair fall can affect individuals at any age. Factors such as hormonal imbalances, stress, and poor diet can cause hair fall in young individuals as well.

Myth 4: Brushing Your Hair 100 Times a Day Will Prevent Hair Fall

This is an old wives’ tale. Brushing your hair excessively can actually cause physical harm to your hair strands and lead to increased hair fall. It is advisable to brush your hair gently and to avoid tugging at knots to prevent breakage.

Myth 5: Using Conditioner Causes Hair Fall

On the contrary, using a conditioner like Genesis Fondant Renforçateur Conditioner can strengthen hair fibres and reduce breakage. Conditioners nourish your hair, providing the hydration it needs, thereby actually helping in reducing hair fall.

Myth 6: Hair Fall is Hereditary and Cannot be Controlled

Although genetics play a significant role in hair fall, it is not the sole factor. With the right hair care regimen, including the use of appropriate hair fall products, one can effectively manage and significantly reduce hair fall.

Myth 7: Applying Hair Oil Reduces Hair Fall

While oiling can nourish your scalp and improve hair health, it is not a direct remedy for hair fall. It is more beneficial to adopt a holistic hair care routine, including a nourishing mask such as the Genesis Masque Reconstituant Mask, to fortify your hair and combat hair fall.

Myth 8: Tight Hairstyles Do Not Affect Hair Fall

Tight hairstyles that pull at the roots, like ponytails or braids, can indeed cause hair fall. It is a condition known as traction alopecia. It is recommended to avoid hairstyles that put a lot of tension on your hair roots to prevent hair fall.

Myth 9: Stress Does Not Lead to Hair Fall

This is far from the truth. Stress can absolutely lead to hair fall. Managing stress can help in combating hair fall.

In conclusion, while navigating through the ocean of information available on hair fall, it is imperative to be able to distinguish between myths and facts. As we have seen, not everything you hear about hair fall is true. Incorporating a structured hair care regimen, comprising reliable products such as those from Kérastase’s Genesis range, can be your best defence against hair fall. Armed with the correct information, step confidently forward on your journey to conquering hair fall and enjoying lush, vibrant hair.