John Kang WebMD Identifies Common Healthcare Misconceptions Nobody Should Believe

There are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding healthcare. Most of these appear because of a lack of knowledge and fear that something bad is going to happen or is happening. John Kang WebMD, renowned for ethical practice and involvement in numerous healthcare technology education campaigns, identifies the following healthcare misconceptions as being way too common. Read about them below and see what the truth is surrounding the misconceptions.

Bleak healthcare Future

In reality, we are faced with unparalleled opportunities available, allowing better healthcare for most people from around the world. The entire healthcare industry, according to John Kang MC, has access to advanced tools, technology, people, and expertise. The only thing that really seems to lack is the confidence needed to face a huge challenge: the fact that healthcare is a career path filled with stress. While technology advances and healthcare is getting better and better, healthcare professionals still feel the stress associated with this career path.

AI Will Remove Jobs

While it is possible that artificial intelligence is going to eliminate the need to have some people employed for specific jobs, we are a long way from this happening. We still need people and AI technology can only extend and augment human capabilities at the moment. Similarly to how the smartphone makes life better, AI can improve healthcare and reduce a lot of dead time noticed in performing numerous medical tasks. Nobody should fear artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Blockchain Technology Presents Risks For Healthcare

John Kang says that blockchain technology leads to fear simply because of it being associated with cryptocurrencies and the controversy surrounding it. In reality, this is technology that can be really beneficial in healthcare, even if it cannot solve many current problems. There are numerous startups and established businesses that now investigate how blockchain technology can benefit healthcare and the initial statistics are quite promising. Blockchain will be used in order to improve the quality of various services, which is always a good thing.

Seniors Cannot Adopt Modern Digital Health Technology

This is simply not the case because of the fact that seniors are actively adopting modern technology because of the benefits offered. What is actually lacking is an established education program that teaches seniors how to take advantage of digital health options available. While this is the case now, it will surely change and as people get more used to the digital environment, seniors will surely follow.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Is The Responsibility Of The IT Department

Last but not least, cybersecurity used to be handled in data centers but most modern decisions are guided by risk tolerance and board expectations. The entire industry is looking for ways in which it can increase the access to quality, safe care technology. Healthcare CISOs and CIOs have to educate employees, consumers and executives about the need to have cybersecurity strategies for detecting, mitigating and monitoring cyberattack risks. It is not just the IT department that is now responsible. We also see responsibilities for many other departments in a healthcare facility.