How to Use a Coffee Break to Get Motivated for the Day

There are days when we wake up feeling productive and energized, ready to finish everything we have planned and even something in advance. However, there are also days when we hit that snooze button too many times and don’t want to get out of bed.

Since, in most cases, we have to go to work no matter how we feel, we might as well find some ways to make every day as good as possible. In this article, you will discover how a regular coffee break can be used to make you feel more alive and ready to crush that day ahead of you.

Play Online Games

If you still haven’t woken up properly, the best thing you can do is take part in an activity that will be relaxing but stimulate your brain at the same time. Check out some of the free games available offshore at the best online casinos in Canada. They are known to have a mind-blowing portfolio full of games you can enjoy for half an hour while you are sipping your coffee.

All the games you can find there are so well-designed that you won’t be able to get your eyes off the screen. Once you get immersed in the gameplay, you will forget about how grumpy you were. Once the break is over, you will get back to work as a new person.

Listen to Music

Listening to music is always a good idea and a phenomenal mood booster. Bring your headphones to work and instead of listening to your co-workers gossip or complain, play your favorite song and teleport to another dimension.

If you have your own office, you can even have a short dancing session. If not, simply listening to a song you like will be enough to reset.


Meditation is a great tool that can help you calm your mind after several hours of work. Again, you will need headphones to block the noise around you for at least fifteen minutes. Focus on your breath and try to let go of all the annoying thoughts that regularly cross your mind.

This is particularly useful if there has been a stressful situation you had to deal with. Once you finish meditating, you will still have enough time to make yourself a nice cup of coffee and dive into the remaining work for the day.

Go for a Walk

Sitting for too long can cause back pain that can consequently affect many other aspects of our health, including your mood. Instead of going to a cafe where you will order coffee and sit while drinking it, grab a takeaway cup and go for a short walk around the neighborhood.

It would be perfect if you could go to a nearby park, but even if there are no parks around, any place will do. After all, the emphasis should be on the walk since any kind of movement will get your blood circulation going and help you deal with any stress that might have accumulated.

For starters, you can implement at least one or two tips listed here. Once you see how much better you feel, they’ll become an integral part of your workday. Later on, you can combine these techniques so that you don’t get bored of doing the same thing every day during your break.