Does LASIK Surgery Actually Work? Here’s What You Can Expect

LASIK surgery is becoming more and more popular amongst Americans who hope to correct their vision issues permanently. The surgery involves a surgeon making a small incision across a person’s cornea. They then reshape the cornea in order to correct a patient’s sight.

Although the idea of allowing a surgeon to make an incision in your eye may seem unsettling, studies show that complications are incredibly rare. If you have been considering LASIK but aren’t sure if you’re ready to make the commitment here are some of the many benefits that you can expect to gain.

Permanent Results

After the initial adjustment period, you can expect permanent results following your LASIK surgery. Patients are not required to attend any follow-ups unless the surgery was not initially carried out correctly.

The initial cost of LASIK may seem like a lot to some people. However, over time, the price is cheaper than paying for new glasses and contacts every year.

More Confidence

Although vanity is not intended to be the driving force for LASIK, many LASIK patients experience a significant boost in self-confidence following their surgery.

If you have struggled with vision issues for most of your life, then it may have taken its toll on your confidence levels. LASIK surgery makes it possible to confident in your ability to see things correctly without squinting and struggling.

Quick Recovery

People who undergo LASIK surgery will be able to return to their regular schedules almost immediately. Most people return to work the next day following LASIK unless they have a particularly dusty work environment which may present issues.

No More Glasses

Although there is nothing wrong with glasses sometimes, you may not feel like putting them on every day. The lenses develop pesky fingerprints and can easily get lost or broken. Depending on how bad your eyesight is, losing your glasses could be detrimental for your productivity.

Some people have such strong prescriptions that the frames of their choice aren’t available. Therefore they’re forced to wear thick lenses which may not be very flattering for their face. LASIK makes it possible to walk around freely without the irritation of wearing anything on your face.

No More Contacts

Some people spend as much as $500 a year on contacts. In addition to contacts, you need to pay for solutions as well. When you add this up over several years, the cost of LASIK is considerably cheaper.

Not many people love sticking their finger in their eye every day either. LASIK eliminates the need to put your contacts in and take them out every day. Plus there’s no risk of dropping one on the floor and having to desperately search on your hands and knees.